February 8th, 2001

MM2 ending

Ron Jeremys!

The man show is the best!
Adam and Jimmy are at Porn star camp!!!!!!
and Ron Jeremys!!!! was on it!!!!!!! he is my hero!!!!!!!!!! it was sooo funny! cause they made fun of Adam and Jimmy, and it had Ron Jeremys!!!

The comercials are good too. Like the beer comercial where they are in the laundrymat and the firl puts her bra in the guys washers. I want to look at some porn and other cool guy stuff!
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    Man show!
Mega Man Party!

Covert megamission

I seceretly went on a mission to use all 6 of my icons, and I did!!!!!! yes!!!!!
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    The man show! they had a dwarf dressed as apenis and a hyponotised guy chased him around.
Luffy Crack


ah! xiao Cowhead, ni hao.
ah, Xiao Flabby. ni hao. Ni qu nar?
wo qu mai dongxi. ni ne? Ni qu nar?
Wo lei. Wo hui jia.
zai jian.
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    wo qu bibliotecha
Mega Man Party!


Captain N was all inaccurate and not knowlegable, but it was such a great show. It's still awesome. plus it had megaman in it, and even though he was all wierd and big, he was still the character with the best personality on the show. and he was green. oh well, stupid american box art tricking them.

another thing: a majority of the music and sound effects from that show were from mario, yet mario wasn't in the show. isnt that amazing?
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    Captain N