February 12th, 2001


DBZ calendar

Momoko got me this really nice calendar, and I actyally use it! I have things written on the calendar. It's so nice, cause I dont have to keep everything in my head! wow. neato, spiffy!
I'm writting my RA app essays, and it's hard cause there are three and each needs to be a page long and they are de at 5 and I dont know what to write!!!!
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Dan photo

Bed buddies

Hey, just so you dont forget, I'm gonna have to sleep with becca tonight, unless of course I can find a fuck buddy to sleep with. and I have to be at ss2 by 8:00am so I have to wake up early.
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Satan hates me

ok, So I finally get a night where I dont have anything to do, and I'm all "I'll play games!" but I cant in my room, cause joel kicked me out. and then I'm like "I'll play in Laura's room!" and then I hooked up the PSX, and then i find out that the stupid TV dosent have a video in button, and there is no Remote, only some stupid generic one without that button, and everyone has the same fucking remote!!!!!!!!!! now I"m stuck in Laura's room, with no games, and I cant get on my computer cause it's turned off. I want to fucking play PSX!!!!!!!!!! and I cant, and I wont be able to. hey, I know, I'll start my essay! cause it's due on thursday. I found Worms Armagedon on the one place she can access on the network, and now I"m gonna play it, and they are gonna yell at me. then I will go to sleep, so I can wake up at 10.
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