February 13th, 2001

MM2 ending

Happy Happy me!

I just got some cute Valenties cards. Even with her sneaky sneaky way of pretending that she didn't tell me she sent me anything. Much like I didn't get her anything. But she's so sweet! I'm gonna put the cards up on my wall so that I can look at them!!!!!! Special Helen head! weeeeeee! me happy desu! no have rehersal!
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wierd dream in nap land

I just had a strange dream. All I remember is that I was in momoko's room and something about school. maybe I was in a video game as well, but I remember that I could do some strage supernatural feat. and then i went home twice in a row on the bus, and it was all crazy because when I went home I talked to my dad (who was of course in the garage) and he was happy to see me. I think that I went home becasue I left my meal card there, or something, I couldnt rememebr why I had gone back home the second time, so that was strange. and all this other stuff happened tha I cant explaine. of course the strangest part is that I talked to my dad.

I have to write a psych essay about a turning point in my life now. I dont know what a good one would be. I'm thinking maybe after I got kicked out of 2nd grade, or maybe when I first went to middle school. Cause I was very different in 6th grade compared to the way i was in 5th grade. wow. Middle schools are all ghetto
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SF DAN! (dan means team in japanese)

you know what's wierd? I'm listening to the Street Fighter III Third strike sound track, and I"m enjoying it. also, why did they take away all the cool two part backgrounds from the first version of SFIII? I played it at funcoland and it was all different than thirdstrike version.,.,,,...,.,,.

dan would be really cool in Third Strike. man... that thought just boggles the mind....
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Luffy Crack


wow, the non-third strike music is very odd. you guys should check it out. by you guys I mean kevin, because he is the only one who will care at all. hrm... should put this into new mugen stages...
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Dan photo

More SFIII inspired thoughts

I want to get the english version so that I can beat it and read the endings. that makes me hella excited. I really want to play this game now.
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