February 19th, 2001

MM2 ending

2Kevin&Alex---God became exasperated---Can you guess where that's from?

I looked different during summer.
I finally got two of the CDs of stuff from adrian's computer from bobby. It's really flattering to see how much of the stuff on the cd is from me, or something we colobrated on. of course that's meaningless now. Also looking at the pictures he took of me from the end of summer I see why helen was so attracted to me. (fuck you if you dont want to hear me be vain!!!) I should wear my contacts again... of course that would require having them.

This was a nice weekend. I certainly went through alot of my parents money... plus I got 4 hours of PING PONG CLUB!!!!!!!!!! awesome! and because of my newly aquired video capture card, I can spread it's goodness across time and space via the internet. uh... yeah... I'm gonna have fun, I guess. I'm strongly thinking of wearing my contracs again... my hair at a good length now. hahahah. now I can play PSX on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna try and bring the good monitor to school, and that will be good. plus, I found Princess Mononoke for NAte!!!!!!!! hahahahah. it turns out that Bobby had the CD...
Good weekend. I got most of what I wanted to do done. now I just need to focus on psych and Teaching ESL.... hrm... stress returning as I think. I guess I'll finish looking through these cds at the pictures of me and adrian.
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why were stupid adrian's poems about being sad and dying? such sillyness. maybe One day I'll read them all. but not now. I really should do better in school...