February 22nd, 2001



now that i have constant access to my video games i feel better.
of course, i'm not gonna get as much work done. but Video games are just gonna take away from live journal time, and IM time, and that is dine.
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Dreams come true

I had a dream where I was a new member of the A teens. it was so great! I was all excited and then I woke up and was hella pissed off that it was just a dream. man... that would have been hella awesome.
The coolest part is that I woke up in the middle of the dream, and then went back to it after falling asleep again.
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Horrific Braggin!

Dear Christopher Webster,
Congratulations! At this time, we have decided to advance your candidacy to the final stages of the process. On behalf of the search committee for the Resident Advisor staff, I thank you for your application and participation in our selection process. Our decisions were difficult to make since every one of our applicants had signifiant strengths to contribute to the staff.

Please schedule your two final interviews at the Porter College Housing Office (B-250 or call 459-2746) no later than 4:00PM on Monday, February 26th. Two interviews will complete the process: an interview with current Resident advisors, and an interview with the two coordinatios for Residential Education. The selection committee is looking forwared to learning more about you!

You should be proud of your accomplishment of making it to this point. Good Luck as you continue in the RA selection process!!!

hahahah! I am proud. but I still need to work hard. I want to do stuff! I"m in a working mood! we will watch pingpong club tonight.
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