March 1st, 2001

Luffy Crack

what happened

today an amazing thing happened!!!!!
Tituba asked Liam if he wanted to be greyed or not and you know what he siad??

he said,

"I dont care. someone else decide."

heheheh. I'm just playing Liam. but tonight was exciting. I talked to max, and he laughed at my jokes. it was strange, and flattering.
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Mega Man Party!


my computer dosent start up correctly anymore. I turn it on, and then it starts to go, but like instead going into windows it just sits there with the dos marquee flashing in the upper left corner. then I have to restart it, and then run safe mode, and then restart. probably somthing with the bootlog. I dont know. but it's annoying and now that it's being consistant it's worrying me.

plus once it starts, my desktop icons are all arranged differently.
I wonder why the pictures on my friends page suddenly decided to stop working...
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Mega Man Party!

(no subject)

why does grace have my name??????????????????????

makes my head hurt. oh no!!!! grace and retard christopher from the crucible also has my name... sadness...

it is my name, and i will never have have anyother.
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(no subject)

i've been thinking about buying a SFIII second impact music cd. then I realized I cqn make my own. I will do that...
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