March 3rd, 2001

Luffy Crack

Note to self.

i need to e-mail my section teacher and tell her that she didn't add the last 6 points of my essay to the final score,
and I need to rewrite my japanese story, and study chapter 14-15 anc buy a new book.
I also need to start rewritting myt psych essay. I also need to study form the book.
I have to fill out that sheet from teaching ESL class. I need to start writting my next lesson, and try toplan when my teacher can come and view me in actioin.
I also need to bring about $15 to pay from makeup and cast-party refreshments.
Soon I will finish cleaning up my room. I also have to eat and take a shower.
I need to empty my camera and put the special batteries in it.
That's all I can think of right now.
I need a program that will list this stuff on my desktop so that I see it constantly. maybe I can edit the html of my active desktop so that it saws what my to do list is. then I could make a client so that I wouldn't work with the raw html. Or i could just find a freeware program that does that. ok, back to cleaning.

And i have to get an envelope and send my mom the tuition bill.
maybe i should just go home to do that. then i can play ps2.

OH yeah, and I need to fix the pictures on my friends page.
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Mega Man Party!


I just figured out that chef calles everyone "cracker" in the racial sense. I always thought that he was saying it cause it was funny sounding and innocent.
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