March 7th, 2001

MM2 ending

I still think I'm right...

Tsurai Aibo: ok
: ok!
ZeroBatsu: dancing was fun
ZeroBatsu: I have fun
Tsurai Aibo: hmm. I have a feeling I'm not gonna get any bids on my auctions.
: why?
ZeroBatsu: maybe it's cause there is no incentive to distinguish your cards from the

Tsurai Aibo: i'm checking it right now.
: .....
ZeroBatsu: I think that's why
Tsurai Aibo: i don't think so.
: people say, why should I buy these magic cards, when I could buy
another cheaper

ZeroBatsu: you just don't want to be wrong
ZeroBatsu: but you know it's true
ZeroBatsu: comm'on
ZeroBatsu: it's like selling candy at gunn
ZeroBatsu: or JLS
Tsurai Aibo: you're wrong
Tsurai Aibo
: go to
Tsurai Aibo: then search for magic cards
: you gotta put it in their face, and say "you want this!"
Tsurai Aibo: than show me one single auction that does that.
: silly!
Tsurai Aibo: see, sure it would distinguish the cards
: just cause everyone else is retarded dosentr mean you shoud be too!
Tsurai Aibo: but not in a good sense
: why!
Tsurai Aibo: you don't understand!! I would be the retarded one!
: I don't understand how in such an advertisment filled society
ZeroBatsu: you can blatenly disregard advertising!
ZeroBatsu: oh?
Tsurai Aibo: everybody knows what the cards do already! the only people who
buy from ebay are collectors, or serious players!

: by putting persuasion, you would lose bids?
ZeroBatsu: you don't know that!
ZeroBatsu: you are making baseless assumptions!
Tsurai Aibo: your idea is stupid. it's like one of your presentations.
Tsurai Aibo
: and your arguments are more baseless than mine, it's like you're
pulling stuff out of your ass and telling it to me.

: you argument has nothing to validate it
ZeroBatsu: look around
ZeroBatsu: look in your magizines!
ZeroBatsu: it's called marketing
Tsurai Aibo: I've seen my magazines!
: the presentation is everything
Tsurai Aibo: they don't say 'Look, not only can you smoke our cigarettes, but
you can
also put them behind your ear!!!'
: yes!
ZeroBatsu: yes!
ZeroBatsu: you understand!
ZeroBatsu: cigeretts are a perfect example!
Tsurai Aibo: they don't say 'Buy this meat! it especially goes well with our
other product, RICE!!!'

Tsurai Aibo
: they don't say that shit!
: you don't buy them becasue you know that they are nasty cancers

ZeroBatsu: you buy them becasue the ads, and media say "these are cool"
Tsurai Aibo: you buy them because you are addicted
Tsurai Aibo
: I said the cards were cool! I said they were all in great condition
: but who would be addicted if they didn't feel like they had to be cool and
buy them in the first palce?

Tsurai Aibo: there's only 1 day and 3 hours left!
: but you didn't say "used by the winner of such and such tournament"
Tsurai Aibo: peer pressure is the main cause of cigarette smokers
: yes,
ZeroBatsu: you need to pressure the buyers
Tsurai Aibo: no. you don't.
: make them think they will win games
Tsurai Aibo: pressure from an anonymous seller is suspicious
Tsurai Aibo
: they'll think that I just want their money, and that I'm not gonna
send any cards in return

: every product you buy is from an anoynmouse seller
Tsurai Aibo: yes. online
Tsurai Aibo
: not at the stores.
: or you want to help them think up good card combinations
Tsurai Aibo: someone had to buy it anonymously.
: becasue you really liked them
ZeroBatsu: but can't paly anymore
ZeroBatsu: and want someone else to enjoy them
Tsurai Aibo: see, that's where you'rewrong
Tsurai Aibo
: nobody will want cards because I enjoyed them. nobody is going
to look at the auction that doesn't play magic.

: even if you do just want thier money, you still can pretend to be nice
Tsurai Aibo: ebay is very buyer specific. whatever the buyer wants, he sees.
: except parents of childnre
ZeroBatsu: who buy magic cards for them
Tsurai Aibo: children don't buy $300 worth of magic cards
: heh
Tsurai Aibo: and neither do their parents.
: remember your friend chris bundy
Tsurai Aibo: not all at one.
Tsurai Aibo
: once.
: sounds like somehtng he would do
ZeroBatsu: or some one like jarry tien
ZeroBatsu: except instead of cars it's magic cards
Tsurai Aibo: but people that play magic are a lot more intelligent than them!
: "hey granny, get me thoes magic cards"
ZeroBatsu: or CHRIS HAYS!
Tsurai Aibo: it's a game for thinkers!
: he has actually done stuff like that
ZeroBatsu: !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tsurai Aibo: gooood...
Tsurai Aibo
: but I'm not dealing with chris hayes
Tsurai Aibo
: I'm dealing with real people
Tsurai Aibo
: that know what they're doing
Tsurai Aibo: see, if it was like window shopping, THAN I could get a chris

: to ignore that is like in the simpsons
ZeroBatsu: it is like window shopping
ZeroBatsu: chris hays says"
Tsurai Aibo: but it's not like window shopping. you choose exactly what you
want to see

: hey magic cards are cool"
ZeroBatsu: I want some
ZeroBatsu: angelo says "they have them on the internet"
ZeroBatsu: chris says "ok"
ZeroBatsu: and goes on the internet
ZeroBatsu: to look for magic cards
ZeroBatsu: and finds lots of good ones
ZeroBatsu: however he isn't good enough to know what they do
ZeroBatsu: but he finds one
Tsurai Aibo: he would buy packs
Tsurai Aibo
: or premade decks.
: that says actal card combinations
ZeroBatsu: see!
ZeroBatsu: you market them like premade decks!
Tsurai Aibo: not COMBOS
: it's the same thing
Tsurai Aibo: premade decks, as in the ones made by WOTC
Tsurai Aibo
: they don't have combos in them, they have themes
: it dosent matter!
Tsurai Aibo: the whole deck works as one.
: it's all in the enticement!
Tsurai Aibo: you're wrong
: chris sees something that says " get these cards. they work really
well in a deck with weenie creatures"

Tsurai Aibo: nobody will see my auction!!!
: and he says "oh, i have thoes"
ZeroBatsu: and buys it
Tsurai Aibo: you don't understnad
: becasue he can sell the other cards
ZeroBatsu: and undoubtlabel make other good combinations
ZeroBatsu: ok
ZeroBatsu: you don't believe me?
ZeroBatsu: we'll ask someone else
Tsurai Aibo: you have to know how ebay works, then you can decide what
advertising techniques work

: !!!!!!!!!!!11
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    wow. with the like 3 Im conversations with adrian I have saved, it's like he's not even gone!
Mega Man Party!

Michael litfin likes my great ideas!

ZeroBatsu (6:31:42 PM): hey
ZeroBatsu (6:31:52 PM): I found a show we should do at PACT
ZeroBatsu (6:32:04 PM): it's this one:
ZeroBatsu (6:32:15 PM): it's getting great reviews
PACTStage (6:35:19 PM): neeked boys? I think not
ZeroBatsu (6:35:39 PM): i think you should get tim to do the junior broadway version
PACTStage signed off at 6:35:55 PM.
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