March 11th, 2001

Luffy Crack

things that are goodand that are bad

good: brian visits UCSC to visit. hahahah!
good: I started makeing the VHS to Computer thing happen. exciting desu! hahahah.
bad: the will no ichi nichi is messed up, so i will have to rerecord. oh well, minor setback. parker has the retarded one.
bad: i dont know. go away

uh, fun stuff. Cindy, Cindy's roomate. blah. yeah. Cannible, old lady. moses... it's complicated.
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    lets build a snowman

Soup on a stick

Will now has songs on when I say now, I mean that they will be avaibale shortly. they are on the servers, but only will can get them now...

I think i should go attack my smellyness with the pointed stick of a shower

oh yeah! I organized all my mp3s today! they are all organized!!!!!! hahahah!
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    Unknown Artist - AfterBurner Version II
Dan photo


I just cleaned up my buddylist. now I only have 148 buddies. hopefully now I wont keep hitting my head at 60, and have to remove people all the time
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    NiGHTS - 01 - NiGHTS
Mega Man Party!


I like the way the mom in malcom in the middle's mom is jacking the teacher!
Fucking school politics fucking pisses me the fuck off!

wow I just figures out that if you press windows button+M it minimises everything!
barry white looks funny.uh, stuff...