March 12th, 2001


The Amazing Dream of Dan

Wow I had a Really cool dream that was cool in so many ways. Basically, There was a STAR WARS camp (like any other theme summer camp) but you got to sword fight and stuff and that anikin kid was there, and it was all excitiing, but dangerous. and I was his camp counselour and crazy stuff like that. then some stuff happened I dont really remember what. but the next part I can remember is I'm some kind of Martial artist wearing one of my martial arts outfits, and there's this really cute girl with small but pert breasts (like B-cup) and she's wearing some kinda of anime/martial arts outfit, and she's really into me. I think there was some other girl there, and I was their teacher or something, but I liked this one girl more. and then we were doing stuff in my bed, and I got her bra off really fast, and so was really cute. then her mom comes in, and tells her that her brother Dan failed his training at the martial arts camp. and I realize that this girl is Dan's little sister. Dude! I hella want to marry Dans little sister! That would kick ass! Then I had visions of Dan doing monster rancher 1 style training, but he kept messing up on the last one. then I was back in my house, and the phone rings, and it's a computer voice telling me that I need to pick up Dan from camp, but it's all retarded, and I get mad at it and ask it where he is, so i can pick him up, but the computer just gets confused, and My mom gets mad, and all worried and is like, "you should do this, and you should do that, blah blah, is he alright?" and I'm like "his sister is here, odnt freak out." and she's like, "oh, ok." Then I saw that dan was in a big box, trying to learn a new attack that involved being in a box, and some guy came and brought his suitcase to him, but it knocked the box over, and then he couldnt get out.

Man, why isn't dan's sister in any fighting games? I bet that makoto from SFIII is really dan's sister! that would be awesome! man!
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stupid schefdual with crap at merrill


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