March 15th, 2001

Luffy Crack


Man. The Tommy Movie is on. It's really neat. That was such an awesome play. THey just had the sally Simpson part. That was really fun. I wish Olivia would talk to me. it makes me sad that she dosent, and I'll probably not get to talk to her again.
but I have better stuff to occupy my time with now. That dosent make me like tommy any less. I"m putting hella VHS stuff on computer. like, the Two choji moji stuff. I have the Dancity dance emo remix thing (my core final) and I"m editing the Ketchup thing. tell me if you ant them. soon I will upload them somewhere, and you can dowload them anytime. also, uh... yeah... forgot. TOmmoy fun want to see thow ehole movie.

oh yeah! if anyone has a copy of the Tape of the chior concert, with the zelda thing, tell me. I want to borrow it, and then I can put it on the computer! hahahah! yesu!
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Luffy Crack

Hatt babay

All your base are belong to hatt baby!

IgnacioPride (12:58:37 PM): waht is this thing?!
ZeroBatsu (12:58:42 PM): it's funny
ZeroBatsu (12:58:45 PM): you should watch it
IgnacioPride (12:59:06 PM): ok

Venus In Velvet (12:59:10 PM): what is that?
ZeroBatsu (12:59:16 PM): it's funny
ZeroBatsu (12:59:28 PM): it will make you happy

N o A i R 4 (12:59:18 PM): omg
ZeroBatsu (12:59:20 PM): make you happy
N o A i R 4 (12:59:20 PM): wtf is this?
ZeroBatsu (12:59:22 PM): hahah

Venus In Velvet (1:01:16 PM): i got bored
ZeroBatsu (1:01:19 PM): aww
ZeroBatsu (1:01:24 PM): but the hatt and the singign

N o A i R 4 (1:01:45 PM): ugh
N o A i R 4 (1:01:47 PM): had to stop it
N o A i R 4 (1:01:49 PM): ahh!!
ZeroBatsu (1:01:52 PM): too much excitment

IgnacioPride (1:09:28 PM): uh... yeah... that was strange.
ZeroBatsu (1:09:37 PM): but it made you happy?
ZeroBatsu (1:09:40 PM): it made me happy
IgnacioPride (1:09:51 PM): thats crazy stuff!
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Street fighter extreme

I think I owuld be better at streeet fighter games if I sat and encoded exactly which button does a move a certain way. that way I woulldnt do thoes annoying ducking hard punch = uppercut instead going forward and getting hit by a standing high kick type stuff. especially with Gen. that's the thought of the day. back to writting finals.
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Luffy Crack


buh! Why do I keep thinking that I want to be a teacher? Teachers are retarded and everyone hates them, and yet, I get such joy out of it. I remember teachers like mr. Allendorf, but I also remember teachers like Mr. Quinton (who is a teacher because he was too stupid to make it in a real field.) I dont know. just look at what I wrote:
One of the things I like best about the practium is when I get to go and hang out with the kids during lunch break. Usually I end up talking about college life with the kids, but sometimes other stuff comes up. I'' amazed how well behaved they are to me when they talk to me on the playground. I'm also pleasently surprised when kids that I've never seen before come over and start up a conversation with me. It's flattering to feel that they are interested in what I have to say, and I enjoy being a novelty in their school. I really enjoy answering the kids questions, even when I end up repeating myself with every conversation. I always think back to when I was in Junior High, how nice it would have been for some one to explain things like college life to me. Many of the things I teach I teach because I remember wanting to know. Sometimes the kids care, and other times they don't exactly, but I still know it is worth it. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing their little eyes light up when they discover that they have figured out what it is that they are doing.

I cant believe wrote that! but it's the truth. man. I have to get sucked into some better paying position.
I dont want to be a teacher because I cant do anything else, I would hate myself. I just think about all the bad things about teachers, and there is alot of them, plus, I hate all the school administration. Like the bueracroacy and stuff. I need to teach at one of thoes japanese style cram school things. The teachers in thoes are supposed to be all laid back, and not retarded like public school teachers in japan. or I could teach in a private school, like in castilla. I just dont want to be some dim-wit teacher my whole life. cause there alot of Dim-wit teachers. of couse, there are strupid people everywhere. I dont know. I guess this is why I'm in college...
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Mega Man Party!


IgnacioPride (11:18:53 PM): 砺inna kinky roligt� = 努in kinky fun�? not sure
塗atten ar din� = 鍍he hat is yours�
電en hatten lever so roligt� = 鍍his hat has so much fun�
電et tycker vi blir bogigt� = 努e think this (or that) is gay�
電et har ar forjavligt� = 鍍his is messed up�
電et alltid var roligt� = 鍍his is always fun�
田ool kille med laske I hand� = 田ool guy with a soda in hand�
ZeroBatsu (11:18:54 PM): ject
ZeroBatsu (11:19:21 PM): wow!
IgnacioPride (11:19:28 PM): 屠a, det tycker vi nanting sot� = 土eah, we want something sweet�
砺alte hatten I Berts cola-au-auit� (I think that痴 what it said) = 鍍hrow the hat in Berts cola�?
杜en sen visste nog du, hatt baby� = 澱ut you knew that baby�
斗ana LP:n 塗atten ar din� = 澱orrow the record 典he hat is yours�
ZeroBatsu (11:19:33 PM): what languege is it?
IgnacioPride (11:19:58 PM): 杜an kan kla sej ut ock klamna I TV� = 土ou can dress yourself up and be in TV� or maybe it痴 田limb over the TV�
杜an kan knarka och hamna I TV� = 土ou can get high and end up in the TV�
塗atten ar visst det din
殿lla vet varfor och allt blir perfekt� = 兎veryone knows why and everything will be perfect�

uh... sweedish i think.. lemme check real quick
IgnacioPride (11:20:16 PM): 斗imma skinkbit, cooligt� = errr, maybe 菟iece of ham, cool�
塗atten lever so roligt� = 鍍his hat has so much fun�
砺i har det forjavligt� = 努e have it so good� or maybe 努e have it so messed up� >>
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Dan photo


I wnet to a graduation for some local Japanes exchange students and they all hit on me. I felt like will. They were all suprised that I was only 18, and when they found out they all whispered to each other and blushed. it was flattering. I found out most of them were at least 20. tannoshikatta yo!
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