March 21st, 2001

Dan photo

I'New word (that was supposed to say I'm in New York!)

Wow. we went to this store which was like the high fidelity store of video games. it was like elliots room times 5!!!! like all these old atari, and every nintendo game and watch thing, with the box and the battery case!!!!! and there was a patron there who had like SFIII sized Akuma beads. like, you could take them off the string and play pool with them. I've been representing AP with my new sunglasses, but i should get some of thoes beads to really show it off!!!! also, there is this giant ass anime toy store with lots of mcfarlane toys (although vash was sold out,) and even span 17, the one that parker really wants. I wanted to buy Wolfwood japanese version, but they only had the wierd black repaint of vash (japanese version) for sale. prices were deecent, but today I've seen mcfarlane akira toys from $6.58 to $15.00 crazy huh? Im glad i got mine at such a good price: FREE! (Thanks again for everyone who got me cool toys for christmas.

uhm yeah. We're not doing much right now, but I'vebeen taking neat pictures. there is alot of neato stuff to find on the ground here, and it's not as threatening as in is in themovies. at first I was over whelmed, but I think part of that has to do with my AP glasses resting with the fram right in the middle of my vision, so seeing things is special. uh, stuff desu. the subway is fun. New York is like Japan except there everyone looks like a hard diligent worker, but here everyone looks like a crazy person. word!

uh, stuff and stuff and stuff. me hearty. I'm having fun. I'll post pictures and stuff. and watching trigun is excititng!
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