March 23rd, 2001

Luffy Crack

well I had an interesting night last night.

but my hear feels like it hurts ttooo much to write much about it. basically It's been raining like crap and hella windy the whole time so far. it really makes things crappy. I was getting all grumpy, and my feet were starting to hurt from boots all day long. They're nice for short term, but not long term. and we were rushing around in the crappy rain and crapppp. I got to go to helen's classes yesterday. they were really neat, but ultimatly not much superior to UCSC. it's like UCSC is mrs. Shrick's class and NYU is... some other class from PALY that only a few people even can relate to. I dont know. the lack of a campus makes it pretty lonley here, and isolated and stuff. I like getting up early. I've been getting up early (like 5 and 6 am california time) everyday. I think it's cause the sun comes up and it fills the room thanks to the special southern exposure that this room benefits from. so I'm awake even though my head hurts like a butt and I'm typing, cause I'm a computer nerd who's gonna be typing along time. If I were a teacher I would be a teacher like Ron or mr. Fogely who became teachers after doing actual things in life, and not cause they are failures.

uh so yesterday. Helen's classes were neat. I slept through the first 15 minutes of the 2 hour(?) russian history class, cause he was talking about the mechanics of the class or soemthing lame like that. then I woke up, and he was talking about russia in the early 80s. I lucked out, cause that's a period of russia that I dont know anything about, like nothing from the inside view, only the pretend 80 movies view of russia. so that was neat, and enlightening. but it was raining and we kept stopping in Helen's room for like 20 minutes then we would have to go out into the rain and the blistery foot land and such, and I was getting all grumpy. I should take this time to retroactivly note that katie paul was with us, and she's hella cool. I got to go to Helen's acting for non-majors' class and saw an actual Tisch teacher. she was really good. all the stuff that she said (once we got past the silly shake your hands and say "ah!" warm-ups) was really dead on and helpful, not just in the scenes the people were practicing, but in all acting.

blah blah blah. we went to get New York pizza at 6, last night or 6:30. Helen got mad at me because I was refering to nasty Italian pizza which i said was "a cracker with cut tomatoes squished on it." Appearently this New York style pizza and Italian Pizza are similar, but I dont think they really were. like not trueitalian pizza because I am told that is barely palatable. or so I'm told. that brings me to another point. I cant really smell very well, so that pizza didn't taste much different than the pizzas at round table. Like all i could taste were the sausages, and meatballs and the saltieness of the sardines. (i got thoes three plus chese and wild mushrooms on m half, katie and helen just wanted plain. she's such a fickel eater, but oh well.)

Last night we got to see Naked Boys Singing! the ! is part of the actual title. yeah, we bought front row tickets, yet there was a magical numberless row in front of us which some guy and his girlfriend were sitting in. fortunantly it didn't block our view, but it did make a bufer between us and the actors when they started to play with the audience. basically, the show was quite funny. it had no plot and was only about an hour long. the reviews and stuff made me think that there were some heterosexual issues discussed in the show, but there werent. all the guys were super super toned. like everyone had an 8-pack. I didn't think it was possible for actors to be in shape like that. most of the songs were standard, but this one guy had this really really good voice and he was really cool. he didn't get to sing too much, but he did have one really funny song. when the songs had all of them sining it sounded really good, but individually it was not super spectacular (like using broadway standards, it was awesome by amature standards.) One of the nice things is that because the house was so small (i think he said 150 people about.) it wasn't miked and so it wasn't like seeing a live show with a cd playing (cause that's what it sounds like when everything is comming out of speakers) I got the CD (cause I said I would) but it's not as forcefull as the actual performance, and it kinda looses something without the visual element. plus, I cant show anyone anything cause all the Pictures are non-revealing. plus, the cast that in on the CD isn't super buff like the one here, and so all the pictures are of 95% naked flabby actors, and I didn't need to pay $20 (for the CD) to have that. but oh well, it's still a good souvineoire.

so then Helen and I left, and were all in a good mood cause the show was happy and romantic (although technically the love songs were about two guys, the feeling was the same) and I was like, "Hey! it stoped raining!" and sure enough it had! and that made up more happy. then we came back and did exciting stuff with Katie and Helen suddenly had a brilliant Idea to invite this ugly guy, aall I know about him is that Helen says he's a complete asshole. and he was. then Helen spent like way too much time trying to make him be nice and was like, "but I see a good heart on the inside," and it was silly, and finally she made him leave, and that was all crazy. then I did some more crazy stuff which can only be explained through pictures, and most of thoes pictures you probably wont get to see.

but now It's morning, and I'm still the only person awake after typing this for like 15 minutes or whatever. yeah... uh it's still sunny here, and I want to go shopping. maybe I'll go back to bed. my throat hurts probably for several reasons.AYE!
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