March 28th, 2001

Luffy Crack


Hey guys! The Anime Convention is this weekend. Anyone who is in PA, we should go sunday for sure, and maybe for most of the day on saturday. There is that big dinner thing on saturday evening with the parents, and I think we are supposed to go also. so, anyone who has imput on this whole idea, please comment!

I havent read all the details, but It costs $24.00 for a one day pass, and $45. for a three day pass ( Idont know if you can get these past the first day.) want more info? go to the place of more info
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Mega Man Party!


why does joel always manage to start making lots of noise when I get to the big dramatic part in FF9? I dont think I'll get to play it at all here. buh! stupid. and I cant be like "stop talking to your dad, and turn the lights off, you're ruining my FF mood."

oh well, I made some stupid AVIs of me playing. except I was trying to make the movie interesting so I ended up dying.
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