April 3rd, 2001

Luffy Crack


ok... so they send me this thing about how they're cancling my DDR order, so I just bought it from frys. but this morning I get a small fed-ex box. I"m like, oh, looks like they didn't cancle it. oh well, I'll just give it to brittany for her birthday on the 8th. so I just left it on my desk. then I finally decide to open it, and guess what? the box is empty!!!! I spent like $40 on an empty fed ex box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! satan!!!!

oh well, I guess it makes it easier to return, and I"m glad this didn't happen when I was ordering something I actuqally needed...
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    diablo II ffrom joel!


AIM not workig!!!
buh1!!! have to put on clothes!!! SATAN!N!N!N!N!N

buh!!! have to go to class!!!!!
buh!! have to mail jury duty thingy!!!
buh! AIM still not working!
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Mega Man Party!

Idea for camp:

Make shields like we made hats. but have them design their shields on the second(costume) day, and then cut them out before hand. yes! now the story for this could be around some sort of phalanax or something, or knights. knights are prolific in stories... but which one?
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MM2 ending

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Man, It'll be so cool to be married and have a family. I cant wait to have a family and kids. yesu! but I'm not gonna do that till I'm 30. so ha!!!!