April 8th, 2001

Mega Man Party!

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I have a suprise worth of giving to kevin and patrick. and parker, but he would say "buh gay!" and then delet it off his computer...

oh well, time to make more suprises!
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Mega Man Party!


to Erin, and Elenore:
What the heck was up with that prostitute part in TOMMY? I cant believe that happened.... man... althoguth all thoes fake cigeretts were fun.
Tommy, what a strange experience that was for so many reasons... SOOO many reasons. I dont hink I'm gonna forget that show... crazy!!!!!!
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I'm writting a kids story about a zombie.

speaking of TOMMY, I think I'll find the broadway version on napster, or at least the songs sung by girls. cause I have the WHO version, and it's funny to hear what's his face singing the Gypsy song. This song dosnet make any sense for so many reasons! SOOOOO many reasons. especially when a guy is singing it
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An original story that I wrote for camp

THis is called My pet Zombie!

Prop for this: really cheap book bags or backpacks, or lunch bags (like somewhat reusable. Like shoebag type bags. Or maybe glorified paper bags.)

OK. A kid finds quarter on the ground. He gets really excited, and then he goes and buys one of thoes dispenser ball things. He(the kid) gets upset becaue it's just a piece of paper. He opens it and it says "put a hair from your head, some rotting fruit, and a dead bug in a hat, and put the hat on the ground. Then say these magical words, and you will have your own personal zombie friend." So the kid does so,a dn suddenly! The zombie climbs out of the ground wearing the hat! The kid is all excited, and names the zombie "Kevin Elliot Parker the seventh!" the zombie groans and looks contented. So now the kid has to bring the zombie to school ( he did this in the morning on the way to school.

The kid "Alex" Come to class and is introducing the zombie to his class. The zombie needs to bump into alot of stuff, and ultimatly fall over. The teacher tells Alex that his friend dosent look so good, and he should go to the nurse. The nurse looks at Kevin Elliot Parker the Seventh, but is confused because he has no reflexes or vital signs. She concludes that he is fit to go to class, because he dosent have any symptoms that she is looking for.

Back at class, The teacher is teaching music class. Every gets to sing. When they are singing in a group, the zombie sings too, and just makes a lot of loud zombie noises. After a few times of politley ignoring it, the teacher finally sugests that maybe Kevin not sing and just keep the beat with his feet. Oh no! here's trouble!!!! Kevin starts to keep the beat with his feet, but he's so uncoordinated that he falls and knocks everyone over. Everyone yells at him, and he gets sad and leaves. Now they have to find him. The kids do a quick search over the school. They think he is in the blah blah bolh(uh maybe they don't, I don't know what happens. Use your imagination)

Uh playing PE. It's baseball, and Kavin gets hit. They are all concerned, and so they take him to the nurse again. The nurse inspects him again, and this time she comes back with a big book and a complicated doctor examining thing. Um, she says lots of big words from the text book, and that makes it funny. Um she does all these rediculous test, like pat your head and rub your tummy kind of things. She still cant figure out what's wrong with him, and then he gets to go back to class. Now it's time for Lunch.

At lunch Kevin expresses an interest in eating, but there's noting in Alex's lunch that interests him. So he starts to eat out of the garbage. Alex tries to get him to not do that, but he dosent stop. Soon the yard duty comes and tells him that he should start. He's all confused and stuff. The yard duty tells him that he should go back to the school nurse, and this time the kids all come. Now the nurse has another idea, she believes that Kevin is a warewolf, and she tries to point out the differecees between normal c=kids and a warewolfs. But it dosnet work, because the kids can all see that kevin is not a warewolf. So she releases him, but she's certain that she's gonna figure it out.

Uh� story needs more conflict. I think in the final version, the nurse will be antagonistic and trying to expose Kevin as not a real student.

Ok�hrm� so now they have art class. In this class There is a really good (realitivly) artist who makes fun of Alex, and alex feels really bad. So Kevin decides to help Kevin and draws a really good picture. And everyone is amazed and thinks he's really cool. The bully is outcast. But!!!!!! The nurse busts in and this time she is sure that she knows that Kevin is a zombie, and acording to school rules cant attend. Alex and the other kids try to stall the nurse, and they do but then she gets past them, and then right before she is going to expose him, kevin shows her a beautiful portriate that he has just made of her. She is so flattered, that she decides that she's gonna be nice and let kevin stay in school.

The end!

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Luffy Crack

by popular demand

This is the other play I wrote. It's silly needs work...

The pirates and the dancers.
The pirates are on a journey for what else pirate treasure! The treasure of a flying ship!

The dancers are a traveling band of dancers/acrobats who are trying to get money. Maybe they should have gotten paid with a treasure map sometime in the past. The treasure map leads to "Grand Line" the place where the greatest treasure exists. So the dance troop and the pirates are on an island�

Ah!! The story starts with the pirates attacking a spanish galleon and they are boarding the ship, they talk about the big bevy of people captured by the spanish. They are hoping to ransom them because they are undoubably british knobles or some such. So they open the captured cargo, and discover that it is actually an all male dance troup. The troup is called the Blazing stars. The Pirates are called "[fill in later]" I don't know.

So the pirates get the all-male dance troop and they are sad because the dance troup is not worth much. The pirates try to let the dance troup go at the nearest island, but the troup insists that they are indebted to the pirates and need to stay and help them. The Dance troup entertains the pirates with their mystical dance. Suddenly the dance is inturupted by a band of rival pirates. The pirates are taken by surprise and the rival pirates take over their ship, and lock the good pirates in the brig. The dancers have hidden them selves away. But they make a plan to save the good pirates.

We come back and find the new pirates ( who abandoned their old ship because it was old and running out of supplies.) looking at a map they have leading to "grand line". The dancers come and tell them that they were slaves of the pirates and that they are a dance troup, and that they will dance for them as thanks for freing them from the pirates. So, The Blazing Stars dance and distract the the other pirates and first one dancer leaves and rescues the pirates, then the pirates come and tie up the bad pirates. Then the pirates and the dancers look at the map and figure out how to go to grandline. And they do.

(if the story isn't already over) They all get to grand line, and find the cave where the treasure is hidden. Then they find a ghost guarding the treasure. They deal with the ghost by doing something. Then they open the treasure, and discover that the treasure are the best cookies ever! And they eat them all up.

Things to fix:
More incidents,
Specific parts
More conflict&humor ( the concept is innane, but it dosent make sense to not have the show be as funny.)

Then there's the musical comedy I'mthinking of writitng with max about a trisexual man who dosent know what the third thing he's attracted to is. but, that's still in the works.
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Luffy Crack

emperor turtle exclusive Rm!

view comments:

injunravi received F:\combo movies\Videos\Ping Pong club\emperor turtle.rm (9:38:09 PM).
ZeroBatsu (9:40:53 PM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (9:40:55 PM): watch it
injunravi (9:40:57 PM): what THE fuck?
ZeroBatsu (9:41:02 PM): yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (9:41:10 PM): now you know
injunravi (9:41:10 PM): you know
injunravi (9:41:12 PM): i wish
injunravi (9:41:15 PM): I could turn back time
ZeroBatsu (9:41:22 PM): and not watch that?
injunravi (9:41:24 PM): and retrieve those two minutes and eighteen seconds of my life
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(no subject)

I have a live journal facilitated "To-Do" List and so do you!!!! look at my plans!! they will be updated. I think this is gonna be my new homepage!!!
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    I have new icons. they're wierd, but slightly less girly. but not as excititng. they're like go the fox, but not a s cool!