April 9th, 2001


nighttime fast transfer!

injunravi received f:\movies to burn\furikuri\flcl_-_05.avi (2:23:02 AM).
injunravi received f:\movies to burn\furikuri\flcl_-_01.avi (2:32:11 AM).

ravi recieved a 100meg file in 9 seconds. that's pretty nice.
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Mega Man Party!

I guess you've been wondering...

Someone asked...

ZeroBatsu (11:15:18 PM): zero = "0"
and Batsu = "X" which also means punishment
ZeroBatsu (11:15:34 PM): like if you get a question wrong on a test in japanese
ZeroBatsu (11:15:47 PM): they put a "batsu" on it
ZeroBatsu (11:16:03 PM): so it's like NO PUNISHMENT or "0X"
ZeroBatsu (11:16:10 PM): it's nerdy and clever
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