April 14th, 2001

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Fighting Spirit!

Amazingly I got to play video games tonight. MVC2 for 2 hours, and then soul calibur for another like 3 hours. yesu!
I'm quite out of practice, but I can still flail a mean voldo, and My anakaris is second to none. (I also took pride in annoying eveyone with my sentenel servebot sentenil team, as well as my ill-fated Zangief, Zangief, Zangief team.)
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I've been up all night playing FF9. I'm at the black mage village. I really like the way you acuire skills in this game. It's not stupid like 8, and I think it's better than 7.
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Mega Man Party!

my thoughts exactly.

I had this exact same "conversation" with Kevin one night towards the end of summer, except I was playing SNK vs Capcom, and got stuck on Zangief and then stupid evil ryu.

ZeroBatsu (2:08:44 AM): played mvc2
ZeroBatsu (2:08:52 AM): and soul calibru
CevN (2:09:17 AM): cool
ZeroBatsu (2:09:21 AM): yes
CevN (2:09:21 AM): i'm watching ebichu
ZeroBatsu (2:09:30 AM): and I did good with mitsurugi
ZeroBatsu (2:09:34 AM): and anakaris
ZeroBatsu (2:09:47 AM): people are all confused when I punk them with the throw/coffin drop moves
CevN (2:10:49 AM): who's mitsurugi
CevN (2:10:52 AM): oh soul calibre person
CevN (2:11:02 AM): people get pissed off
CevN (2:11:11 AM): cause they can't block the throw
CevN (2:11:15 AM): even though it does such little damage
ZeroBatsu (2:11:15 AM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:11:34 AM): every time I play that game
ZeroBatsu (2:11:41 AM): and everyone gets all good and intense
ZeroBatsu (2:11:49 AM): I suddenly remembver to mash the buttons
ZeroBatsu (2:11:58 AM): and then people get all mad cause I win with random people
ZeroBatsu (2:12:04 AM): and they cant do anything
CevN (2:13:17 AM): yesu
CevN (2:13:35 AM): the best way to win is to just bring out all your guys all the time
CevN (2:13:37 AM): and confuse them
ZeroBatsu (2:14:27 AM): yeah
CevN (2:14:37 AM): this cartoon is special
ZeroBatsu (2:14:38 AM): actully the button mashing was regarding soul calibur
ZeroBatsu (2:14:40 AM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:14:47 AM): i call it "social commentary"
ZeroBatsu (2:14:53 AM): MVC2
CevN (2:15:12 AM): i need to play doa2
ZeroBatsu (2:15:14 AM): I learned a good stratgey is to do and air fireball, but press the fireball button and the helper button at the same time
CevN (2:15:14 AM): self boot is neat
ZeroBatsu (2:15:17 AM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:15:23 AM): I need alot more copied games
CevN (2:15:27 AM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:15:29 AM): cause I have more acces to dreamcast
ZeroBatsu (2:15:36 AM): I need SF3 american
CevN (2:15:39 AM): i spent all daytime today copying games
ZeroBatsu (2:15:46 AM): i need to go to calpoly
ZeroBatsu (2:15:49 AM): and visit
CevN (2:15:56 AM): parker wants copies too
CevN (2:15:56 AM): buh
ZeroBatsu (2:15:57 AM): but that would recuire someone taking me there
CevN (2:16:02 AM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:17:43 AM): I think I'm gonna play ff9 again
ZeroBatsu (2:17:51 AM): I wonder if it's going to boot from the second cd
ZeroBatsu (2:17:55 AM): I know it wont
ZeroBatsu (2:17:59 AM): cause it didn't yesterday
ZeroBatsu (2:18:02 AM): oh well
CevN (2:18:21 AM): ahh, the green dildo
CevN (2:18:30 AM): and they show this on tv
CevN (2:18:34 AM): and people watch it.
CevN (2:18:35 AM): bahahaha
ZeroBatsu (2:20:08 AM): yes!
CevN (2:21:23 AM): oh no
CevN (2:21:27 AM): he's having sex with the mahjong
ZeroBatsu (2:21:50 AM): rehahahah
ZeroBatsu (2:22:29 AM): alex's PSX makes wierd noises
CevN (2:22:40 AM): i don't understand the mahjong money
CevN (2:22:47 AM): is it equivalent to cash or something?
ZeroBatsu (2:22:56 AM): I dont either
ZeroBatsu (2:23:02 AM): I guess it's like poker chips
CevN (2:23:45 AM): man, she beats on the hamster so much
ZeroBatsu (2:23:54 AM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:23:57 AM): that's shat i thought
ZeroBatsu (2:24:09 AM): It's so graphic it's not even funny
ZeroBatsu (2:24:13 AM): it's just messed up
CevN (2:24:23 AM): bahaha, the guy is falling in love with the hamster... uh oh
ZeroBatsu (2:24:35 AM): uh oh indeed O:-)
ZeroBatsu (2:24:37 AM): heheheheh
ZeroBatsu (2:25:36 AM): huzzah1
ZeroBatsu (2:25:39 AM): ff9 time
ZeroBatsu (2:25:41 AM): yesu!
CevN (2:25:42 AM): ok
ZeroBatsu (2:25:44 AM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:25:52 AM): just talked to rahma for the first time
ZeroBatsu (2:25:58 AM): now I'm in a forest
CevN (2:26:17 AM): they put a picture of some girl playing ff9 on hot or not
CevN (2:26:20 AM): and she got a 2.3
ZeroBatsu (2:26:29 AM): waht?
ZeroBatsu (2:26:33 AM): you should have saved that
CevN (2:27:01 AM): it was at someone else's palce
CevN (2:27:05 AM): you can't tell she's playing ff9
CevN (2:27:09 AM): they took it of her
CevN (2:27:14 AM): she's sitting in front of a tv with a ps controller
ZeroBatsu (2:27:34 AM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:27:38 AM): how do you know it's ff9?
CevN (2:27:53 AM): cause the people who took the picture were there
CevN (2:28:03 AM): oh my god
CevN (2:28:19 AM): the ending song sounds like the jet set radio song
ZeroBatsu (2:28:27 AM): yar
ZeroBatsu (2:28:34 AM): yesa
ZeroBatsu (5:22:02 AM): eat eat has som many blue magic now!

Auto response from CevN (5:22:03 AM): hello ZeroBatsu, i'm probably sleeping or studying or playing video games or eating or maybe showering or brushing my teeth or watching tv or something.

ZeroBatsu (5:22:09 AM): eating things is really handy
ZeroBatsu (5:22:24 AM): cause you just get them to like under 1/4 of their life
ZeroBatsu (5:22:29 AM): and he eats them
ZeroBatsu (5:22:41 AM): and usually gets a new magic that's actually good
CevN signed off at 12:27:18 PM.
CevN signed on at 12:32:46 PM.
CevN (12:35:44 PM): too many video games!!!!!

Auto response from ZeroBatsu (12:35:44 PM):
Look! 'Tis me good friend CevN !
I must have left this thing on, and left. I'll be back later!

CevN (12:35:51 PM): trickery!
ZeroBatsu (1:09:45 PM): yes

Auto response from CevN (1:09:46 PM): hello ZeroBatsu, i'm probably sleeping or studying or playing video games or eating or maybe showering or brushing my teeth or watching tv or something.

ZeroBatsu (1:09:47 PM): turkery!
CevN (1:29:25 PM): yersu
CevN (1:35:29 PM): silent scope!
ZeroBatsu (1:37:13 PM): booga boggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZeroBatsu (1:37:20 PM): Now that s what I call a long a!
ZeroBatsu (1:58:01 PM): http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2001/20010209l.gif
ZeroBatsu (1:58:06 PM): pso onlihe funnyness
CevN (1:59:32 PM): bah!
CevN (1:59:36 PM): silent scope too hard
ZeroBatsu (1:59:40 PM): ah
ZeroBatsu (1:59:49 PM): so's my dick@!!!!!!!!!!
CevN (1:59:57 PM): ... yesu
CevN (2:00:07 PM): are you thinkign about ebichu the housekeeping hamster?
ZeroBatsu (2:01:07 PM): no...
CevN (2:01:07 PM): yesu, doa
CevN (2:01:13 PM): i barely played this ever
ZeroBatsu (2:01:14 PM): but I am sending it to patrick!!!!!!!!!
CevN (2:01:19 PM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:01:20 PM): rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
CevN (2:01:22 PM): he wasnted to see it
ZeroBatsu (2:01:31 PM): did you llok at thei link?
CevN (2:01:33 PM): there's too many translation notes in the beginning
ZeroBatsu (2:01:37 PM): penny arcade is relaly funny!
ZeroBatsu (2:01:40 PM): yeah
CevN (2:01:41 PM): and it palys the yoori gallop song
CevN (2:01:41 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:01:46 PM): but it makes it make more sense
CevN (2:01:46 PM): i want a hadouken t-shirt
ZeroBatsu (2:01:55 PM): look at the link i just sent
ZeroBatsu (2:01:59 PM): http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2001/20010209l.gif
CevN (2:02:00 PM): i did
CevN (2:02:02 PM): pso fun
ZeroBatsu (2:02:04 PM): ah
CevN (2:02:58 PM): cool
CevN (2:03:03 PM): pso has internet capabilities
CevN (2:03:04 PM): oh damn
CevN (2:03:15 PM): it just reset my game
CevN (2:03:16 PM): not pso
CevN (2:03:16 PM): doa2
ZeroBatsu (2:03:36 PM): :@
CevN (2:03:44 PM): :@ indeed!
CevN (2:03:47 PM): but it didn't work
CevN (2:03:51 PM): lksjdfklsdf
CevN (2:03:53 PM): so many new gmaes
ZeroBatsu (2:03:53 PM): it looks cool
ZeroBatsu (2:03:59 PM): :@
CevN (2:06:36 PM): how do you counter in doa2?
ZeroBatsu (2:06:47 PM): uh
ZeroBatsu (2:06:53 PM): you press like towards and block
ZeroBatsu (2:06:54 PM): i think
ZeroBatsu (2:07:03 PM): or down towards and block
ZeroBatsu (2:07:09 PM): like right when they do it
CevN (2:08:53 PM): the french girl is cool
CevN (2:08:58 PM): how she does the foot stepping on moves
ZeroBatsu (2:09:10 PM): uh
ZeroBatsu (2:09:21 PM): jam buttons and press forwards and stuff
CevN (2:09:28 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:09:30 PM): That's pretty much the stratgey for the game
CevN (2:09:42 PM): it gets a little complicated when playing other people
CevN (2:09:45 PM): cause they can counter easily
ZeroBatsu (2:09:48 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:09:51 PM): then you start throwing
CevN (2:10:14 PM): wow
CevN (2:10:19 PM): i kicked him through the building!
ZeroBatsu (2:10:34 PM): ytea
ZeroBatsu (2:10:36 PM): it's fun
ZeroBatsu (2:10:39 PM): helena uis the best
ZeroBatsu (2:10:45 PM): and she's pretty
ZeroBatsu (2:10:55 PM): and she's the only one who has anything ever resembling a plot
CevN (2:11:07 PM): the cowboy guy who has a hulk hogan costume is cool
ZeroBatsu (2:11:20 PM): yeah
CevN (2:11:46 PM): yesu
CevN (2:12:00 PM): it's in japanese!
CevN (2:12:38 PM): i wonder if there's a language setting
ZeroBatsu (2:13:02 PM): i dotn think so
ZeroBatsu (2:13:46 PM): @@@!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (2:13:53 PM): I just read every Penny arcade no1!!!!!!!!
CevN (2:13:54 PM): oh no
ZeroBatsu (2:14:00 PM): no= that ever existede
CevN (2:14:00 PM): dirty old man just killed me
ZeroBatsu (2:14:03 PM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:14:06 PM): he's a dirty btt
ZeroBatsu (2:14:08 PM): butt
ZeroBatsu (2:14:12 PM): I'm gonna play ff9 more now
ZeroBatsu (2:14:21 PM): and have fun with the super glare of my screen
CevN (2:15:56 PM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:17:04 PM): eat eat has alot of blue magic
ZeroBatsu (2:17:09 PM): it's really easy to get now
CevN (2:17:26 PM): yeah
CevN (2:17:58 PM): why do you fight tengu at the end?
ZeroBatsu (2:18:06 PM): no one knows
ZeroBatsu (2:18:11 PM): and it dosent make sense
ZeroBatsu (2:18:16 PM): and it's never explained
ZeroBatsu (2:18:26 PM): but it's his delusion or something
ZeroBatsu (2:18:39 PM): @!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (2:18:41 PM): ff9 is working!
ZeroBatsu (2:18:43 PM): time to paly
CevN (2:21:29 PM): there are subtitles
CevN (2:26:34 PM): oh man
CevN (2:26:41 PM): the endings are really special
CevN (3:22:33 PM): how doust though suck
CevN (3:22:36 PM): let my count your wounds
CevN (3:23:33 PM): stupid urien
CevN (3:30:48 PM): why's akuma easier than hugo?!?
CevN (3:34:03 PM): hugo special too good!
CevN (3:34:54 PM): NO!
CevN (3:34:57 PM): hugo keeps beating me!
CevN (3:37:41 PM): STUPID HUGO!
CevN (3:40:03 PM): aHUAGO BUTAMHOLE!
CevN (3:42:24 PM): buh, finally
CevN (3:43:20 PM): buh, too hard
CevN (3:56:14 PM): stupid!
CevN (3:59:02 PM): i figured it out!
CevN (3:59:08 PM): necro's specials
CevN (3:59:12 PM): are too slow if you use the hard attack
CevN (4:01:40 PM): wow computer is good with twelve
ZeroBatsu (4:05:41 PM): they just peed together!
ZeroBatsu (4:05:47 PM): want sf3!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (4:05:50 PM): back to ff9
ZeroBatsu (4:05:53 PM): hugo funny desi
ZeroBatsu (4:05:56 PM): dechu
CevN (4:06:50 PM): is it just me
CevN (4:06:56 PM): or are special moves not as useful as normal moves now
CevN (4:07:56 PM): wow
CevN (4:07:58 PM): i'm never gonna beat gil
CevN (4:08:41 PM): UGH!
CevN (4:08:43 PM): stupid sf3!
CevN (4:10:50 PM): i don't understand!
CevN (4:11:00 PM): why's gill so hard
CevN (4:11:58 PM): stupid gill
CevN (4:12:01 PM): he has revive spefial
CevN (4:12:32 PM): grrg
CevN (4:12:33 PM): !!!
CevN (4:13:17 PM): FREAKING GILL!!!!!1
CevN (4:15:25 PM): NBI/1
CevN (4:16:30 PM): NIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
CevN (4:16:33 PM): GILL YOU BASTRAD?!
CevN (4:16:35 PM): Bastard!
CevN (4:19:48 PM): bah!
CevN (4:24:00 PM): oh man
CevN (4:24:04 PM): he just seraphic W'ed me!
CevN (4:24:16 PM): i don't understand
CevN (4:24:19 PM): he's easy for a while
CevN (4:24:24 PM): and then he just starts being a cheapass bastard
CevN (4:26:36 PM): mugh
CevN (4:27:27 PM): FINALLY!
CevN (4:27:29 PM): STUPID GILL!
CevN (4:28:37 PM): YESu
CevN (4:28:40 PM): ending was worth it
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Status report!!!!!!!!!

My 24 hour marathon of playing ff9 comes to a pause as I head off to liam's room.
This is the first Final Fantasy game where I Didn't name the main character after myself. (except for ff6 where there isn't a main character (I named Gau after myself.)
I wish I had named The monkey guy Chris, although "Gozen" is a nice name (it's like goku, gohan, goten, gozen. cause he has a tail, right?) and the other people are named deecently. although I'm still not very attached to them as I was the ff4,6 and 7 characters. Although I kinda like the eat eat guy (who I named zoka, but I should have named "eat eat". I'm getting alot of blue magic, and it's actually helpfull. ok. need to shower.... buh, showering takes so much work!!!!! someone should jut do it for me.)

It's soooo nice to have the room to myself.
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