May 2nd, 2001



I wetn to bed at about 7 pm last night, and woke up at 8:10am this morning. actaully I had an hour and a half interlude from 12:30 to 2:00 where i read about languege aquisition.
now I should do my homework.
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why do japanese people write silly things?

I had to translate this from japanese. why does this passage exist? how silly....

February 14, My homestay father brings lots of chocolate home from his work. He is a section chief at work. He gets chocolate from a young woman in his section. There are 18 women there, and father receives chocolate from all 18 of them.
Father and mother were talking. "Hanada received 30 pieces of chocolate!"
"Yeah, he's new, and just entered the company, didn't he. But, you have 18 women working in your section, right?"
"He also receives from the women working in other sections as well. Unmarried, handsome don't you think?" mother laughed. Then, father said to me, "Hanada's chocolates are from another country, the chocolates I received were big."
I looked at father's chocolates. The chocolates he had received were Japanese chocolates, they were pretty big. Father said, " those are obligation chocolates." in front of me were 18 chocolates. He said, Obligation chocolates, wonder what kind those are.
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MM2 ending


buh! I was talking to helen, and then she logged off, and i wanted to talk to her about the funny pussy jokes in "that's my bush"
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