May 3rd, 2001

Mega Man Party!

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i dont know whats been happening latley. uh. I just woke up. this thing keeps popping up when I turn on my computer. usually I just close it, but now I think I'll write in it.
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uh, THis is about what today's translation is. I think I'm not translating a part in the middle correctly.

Mr. Jonson san was going to buy music but his little sister was coming from home country today, and he couldn't forget to go pick her up. Mr. Jonson said to me, "let's make a change. Could you please go buy music?" but I will receive the ticket for free, which I don't think is a good plan Mr. Jonson is supposed to buy the to buy the ticket. However, Mr. Jonson cant because first he has to get the money, eventually, without reservation Mr. Jonson bought the ticket. During the money exchange what present will he give I wonder.

huzzah! clouds mystery hour is being updated frequently now.
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I will buy the manhandeler simply because someown has to!!!!!! YEs@!!!! It will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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