May 9th, 2001

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yesterday I had rehersal for the teck stuff from 6:30 to midnight. actually a bit past. except the actual part where I even do anything is at the most ten minutes, but spread throughout the whole thing. so I had to sit through two very very long studewnt written plays. Watching thoes resally made me realize how important it is to be succinct in your writting. it really is quality not quantity.

Although the part where 5 guys Raped Liam in the ass at once was awesome!
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Mega Man Party!

Cloud's Mystery Hour!

Any one who wants to get put on the cloud's mystery hour Mailing List to recieve info about when it's updated, Mail to
I also made a new comic for today. so that's too in one day! huzzah!
soon I'm gonna make some sort of thing so that you can access individual comics and stuff. Soon I'm gonna make a banner.

and the pictures on my friends page works.
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