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10 May 2001 @ 12:14 am
Lauren Bahia (4:20:07 PM): you know you hve to be there at 5:30 for the speed through?

4:20! hahahahahahah
Current Mood: 4:20
Current Music: 4:20
10 May 2001 @ 12:52 am
hey what's this?
it's a nice smelling spray thing thing
oh. can I spray it under my arm?
uh, ok.
AAAAA! It got in my face!
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: girl screaming
10 May 2001 @ 01:10 am
This poor little baby spider was trying to build a web right in front of my monitor. I took it somewhere else before it got too far into it. It was so cute. I really looked like it was trying hard. I hope that It finds a nice new home. It's so cute! I wish I could talk to it it seems cool. too bad I cant like feed it, now I'm worried that it will die.
10 May 2001 @ 03:25 pm
The Merrill DDR thing actaully has DDR and Pump it up. it starts at 9:00 and women before 9:30 are free. yesu!