May 11th, 2001


Choji MOji

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Hi, Choji Moji!

Nice page...

First - sorry 4 my english - i`m russian......

Can`t fully download or stream staff (14400 is my best connection),

but have a look for some seconds on the "Robot BLOOD" - something good...

If you like high quality experiments with electronic and rock music take a listen to ouer "Pink jungle grass" or "Chatasiaman".

But we don`t make only alternative music ... we have a nice dance tracks as melodic trance "Orbital Cell (remix)".

You must like that stuff - we are one of the top Russian bands on the

Keep on touch!

Best regards, Dr.HAnGo (Last Mission Core project) (official site) (music archive)
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Luffy Crack


I was gonna say something a bout today being good, and I'm in a really good mood.
Helen is back in town now, and she commes tomorrow night. I love anime, especially the trigun/kenshin ones.
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MM2 ending

A very intense dream

I had this amazing dream as I took a nap today.
I dont remember the specifics but I remember it started out in "adrian's house," but it was also my house at times, and Parker and Patrick were in "my room" and then alex was there, and we were looking for AIM buddy icons, and I looked for megaman icons, but they were all perverted and retarded. then Alex came and we were talking baout something, and I was like, lets go to the secret room, and I pulled this dresser out of the way and it was a door, and we went in, and it was like the upstairs room in 3rd grade before there was sheetrock on the walls, and all barren, except there was a tv on, and it was the same tv show that was on in the other room we just were in. that was significant because it showed that no one had been there to turn off the tv, and that was cool. Then there was this big part about these birds and bugs and snakes and lizards and these two people were shoing us (us = me and I dont know who.) I think alex went to get his haircut. but then the snakes werent eating the food, but when I wiggled my fingers they would chae my fingfers, and then they jumped up and tried to bite me. ultimatly the snkaes and lizards started going away (By away I mean from the entrance to my garage where the washer and dryer are, to the kitchen) and the birds turned into archiopterexes (thoes prehistoric dionsaurs/bird things) then we were trying to get them back, and I saw Tom (who is a big fat neighbors cat who used to come over for catnip. I think he died two years ago.) and he was at the patio window. then I noticed that He had in his mouth... A guinie pig! so I was like "oh no, tom, leyts go attend to that." so I went out and he put the gunie pig down and it was in this humane trap for guinie pigs, and there was alot of other guinie pigs in the yard, and in several traps. (I always harassed the guinie pigs, so I have lots of dreams where they bite me and extract their revenge.) There were some guinie pigs that I tried to trap, cause I wanted to trap all of them, and the ones that I didn't trap wee all nice to me, but the otherones would claw my face even when I held them at arms lenghth. Ultimatly I got them all in the humane traps. Then I dont know what happened. But I remember That my mom was flying me in the plane and I was thinking about how my dad had... oh!
I remember. we had to fix the engine on dad's plane so that he could land in water, because he was flying it to LA, because he had gotten tired of flying the comercial airlines, and just wanted to fly himself (both my parents are piliots, so this airplane stuff isn't comming out of nowehere.) so then we had to go to LA to get the plane or something. so My mom was flying us, and I was thinking about when he made me fly the plane across the bay to get it repaired, and then fly back bymyself, and how I did it correctly and I was all proud of myself. but my mom was gonna land , but she was being silly, and went to far and we were flying hella low to the ground in this like powerplant/ military airbase, and she was like "don't worry, I know what I'm doing" and she was dodging all the stuff, and I was worried, but then there really tall people walked under us, and she's like "OH no! I forgot this is a different plane!" and couldnt pull up in time, and so we hit the tall people. we crashed, and when I woke up , I fell (bounced) out of your crashed plane, and into the cocpit of one of the military planes. the helmet came down on me and then this older kid (I'm like 15 in this relationship, and he's like 17 or something) is all cokcy,mand like, "hey kid, letssteal this plane!" I was wanting to go and check on my mom, but he was like "'come on." and so the next thing I remember I'm like in some sort of training/ recreation thing connected with the airbase. It's kinda like a small little snack bar, like the hungry slug, but sells crap like 7-11. I went there, and there were all the people I knew (by this I mean, I dont really remember anyone except breanne was there.) and they were all talking about some millitary thing that I dont really rememebr. I think I was like the confused newbie of the group, and they were only sorta explaining stuff to me. so then I walked away from that table, This is like after 10 minutes. I walked over to the other table in the room, and the same people who were at the first table, kinda faded into place, kinda like the pop-up in games like turok. except without the fog. and they were all older, but doing the exact same thing. Then I started getting really attracted by the girls, and I was like "you are so sexy to one" and then kissed her. I think more stuff happened like walking around, and everything kinda melted into place, and Ultimatly I was like "what the hell is this place!!!" and julia was like "this is inside your head." (you can imagine a dream that's supposed to be fucked up in a dream has to be really wierd.) Then it was explained that this was just a character study to watch how I would react to the situation. So i suddenly realized I could do anything, and it would have no consecuences. So I started pushing the table apart, and I remember kiss the wierd 25 year old breanne (she had this kinda shoulder lenght dark red hair cut. it was all chic and sophisticated. I remember Breanne because I thought that it was so weird the image of her I created.) So then I woke up after running amuck in the dream thing. and found out that I had been in a coma from the plane crash. (this kinda feeling was influenced by the movie "monkey bone" where he's in a coma, and goes to wierd land. so then they showed me pictures of my mom after the crash. I wasnt sure if she was dead or just in a coma, but it was in stark jaxtaposition to my happy coma land. I think there were some people whith me, and somehow I got away from that place. the next thing I can remember is that some friends and I (we are kinda like feeling age 27 movie Reflection/responsibility styles now) I think we were wandering around, and somehow I can to soem place. oh yeah, Jerome had sent a letter (or posted in LJ) that he had bought a house, and gave us tha adress. he wasnt living in it yet. so we went to check it out. and it was pink and very small. I was jealouse that he had a house, and I didn't even if it was a piece of crap. First I went to this really small shack thing that I thought was the house because that's what actaully had the adress number on it. I jumped up on it. then I figured out that it was just something to hold flower pots. (he lived in a neighbor hood kinda like gilroy or santa cruz. like suburban and low-middle class.) then I saw his house, and it was really small. It was so little I could pick it up. and I did. I think that made me feel better.

I left out alot of details and description, but that's pretty much what happened. Will called me and I woke up. but I'm still feeling the intensity of the dream over an hour and a half later. it was really neat. especially the dream in a dream part.
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Mega Man Party!

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they redesigned the schedual of classes, and it's all non-retarded now!
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