May 22nd, 2001


stupid powers

ok, so The classes I want either:
a) arent offered in the fall, despite the fact that they were offered in the fall this year, and them being pre-rec to like all the other classes in the field.
b) are all full, and I'll have to wait till september to crash them.
c) are at the exact same time as another class that I have to take.
d) require a math placement score, and even though I did well enough on my test to be in the class, I like the genius that I am, managed to write my Student Identification number wrong on the test, so the score isn't connected with my file. (SID# =560xxxxxx phone number = 650xxxxxxx. I'm always afraid that I'll get the two confused, and this time I did. I'm just glad I was smart enough to figure out that's what the problem was.)
3) are at 8:00AM on the other side of campus. and as much as I really want to take these classes, I simply cant function at that time. it really sucks.

so these are the classes that I actually have:

93644 japn-004-01 Intermed Japanese 5.0 (gen ed: H) M W F 11:00A-12:10P soc sci 2 159

93096 EDUC-092A-01 Evolution of Educ 5.0 ( gen ed: S) T TH 4:00p-5:45P Classroom 2

these are the classes I'm going to crash:

93092 EDUC-080-01 Intro To Teaching 5.0 (gen ed: 3) M W F 3:30P-4:40P Eight 240

94084 MATH-003-03 PRECALC 5.0 (gen ed:Q) M W F 2:00P-3:10p merrill 102
section: th 6:00P-7:10P Baskin eng 372

Yes, I am required to take a math class, and that calss is going to be precalc. then I can take all the EE classes and all the other CE/CS/Psycology classes I wanted to take. huzzah! once I get through winter I can start taking upper division psych classes, hopefully I can take some in my theoretical junior year inJapan. huzzah! I guess it's not really as bad as I thought.,...
ok now for today's cloud's Mystery hour!
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Final Fantasy Quiz!

Hey! Cloud here. I'm giving you a quiz.
Can you name all the Final Fantasy Heros who have appeared in other game? (multiple Cids dont count, and neither do re-releases.)
I'll give you a hint... I'm one of them! hahahahahah!
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