May 30th, 2001


I should be working///

i just realized i lost points on my Developmentalpsych essay not because I didn't know it, but because I didn't follow every section of the directions. again. buh! stupid school technicalitys cursing me forever!!!!

I think I'm getting a little better. Kenshin ending theme stuck in my head. I still havent gotten to the brian juices, or the special headband. we're on like ep 40 now. wow, almost half way done. It's fun to watch lots of anime all at once, because it really saturates your mind, and you cant escape it, like playing puzzzle fighter, and then you close your eyes and you try to make the falling blocks into big gems.

I wish I had the real version of that game so I could play it here, and super whup everyones butt! hahhahaha! I am unbeatable! I will even beat you with Dan and hsien-ko! hahahah! hahahahah! hahahahahah!

Yataze... Oyajiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!
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I'm terribly excited because I think I might have my essay done more than an hour before it's due!!!!

I also Finally made an mp3 of the A tenn's best mp3s. that includes the one with brittney spears on it! hahahah!
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    mose A teens song from their dsecond album
Dan photo


hahah! long powers with my essay!
now to study Japanese, then go to class, then come back, and finish a small part, and then I can turn it it!
maybe I can put a cool picture on the cover! yes!
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