May 31st, 2001


Cloud's Hint

Who can tell me what characters you can be in chocobo racing?
and that maens the secret chacacters tooo
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    Someone is playing smash brothers. I can hear it in thew window. They've been on the zelda stage for the last 30 minutes!

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I just realized my birthday's comming up. For like the past 6 year I never told anyone it was my birthday, and never had a party or anything, cause I was like "I dont need presents." Adrian was the only one other than my family who bought me presents, and that was nice. but now I think i'm gonna try and have another birthday party like last year. only maybe I should wait until august when I have free evenings, and have the uper party.

wow! I wrote that like at 2:00PM, but didn't post it. I dont even remember what it's about, and it will be more intersting if i dont read it.

things I said today:
mobouko (momoko)

That's all I can think of.
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