June 9th, 2001

Mega Man Party!

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you know what. I just realised that I should have done my monolouges from Chronautic fuge. but i threw away my script. I"m retarded!

looks like I'll have to make something up kinda based on chronautic fuge
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Mega Man Party!

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The joury by robert kim
From the one act: seventeen walks after.
...A journey that will show you my achievements on your planet. Imagine if you
will, that you are with your lover, it is Valentines Day. You are alone having a
romantic meal together. There are red candles on the table and you sip red wine
and kiss each other's tender red lips. There are red roses on the table and you
exchange cards that display red love hearts. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,
could you really live in a world without love? If I were to be sentenced to death,
then you would indeed have to live without love. Nor would you be able to
tiptoe through the tulips, one of the many flowers that I give to you. Then there
are the fruits, strawberries and rosy apples. I give you songs to sing like, 'Red,
Red Wine' and 'Lady in Red'. I give you the red telephone box, the Red Cross to
help you when you are in need. You'll find me on your snooker tables and in
your deck of cards. I give you the L-plate and break lights, red peppers and
salmon. You must ask yourselves, are these the labours of an idle colour? No
Ladies and Gentlemen, you will see that I have indeed been busy on your planet
and find me not guilty as charged.
Mega Man Party!

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The end is near! No� No� This� is the beginning! One should always start at the end and end at the beginning� (pause) or rather start at the beginning and end at the end. That's a misquote of louis Carol. He was mad you know! Of course, you have to be to write something like Alison in Wonderland. Then again, there is a strong correlation between madness and genuis. Did you know that Einestien once dated marilyn monroe? He realized he was mad aproximatly 5 minutes after breaking up with her, and took cold showers for the rest of his life. But I digress� That's the problem with Time travel, you never know if you are coming or going. For you see� I am Gram mar! yes� I'm sure you've figured that out by now gentle reader. And if you havent, shame on you! I am the first Time traveler! At least, the first I know of anyways. We time travelers are a secretive bunch, at least I am.

You don't know green, do you� wrote the third man with Orsen Wells? Big fat bloke in the muppet movie? Eh. Never mind.