June 10th, 2001


I'm back at home

This is really Wierd. I'm using the monitor that's bigger and better than the one I had at school. it was also the one that the other computer was hooked up to when I wasnt at home, so I feel like I'm on that computer and not my own. it's kinda exciting. kevin's weekend sounded fun. mine was fun too. I had wingspread auditions. they went decently. I cant believe that Jeremy Erman is still doing it! and he still sucks. !!!! he's too old and ugly to do this every year. I soooo wanted a year where he wasnt doing it, and the worst part is that I'm probably gonna end up giving him rides home every night!!! no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont understand how much that is not what I want to do.... but, it sucks more for him, because he has to live his life, and my life is so much better than his, unless he figures out that no one wants to look at him, just hear him play music. it sucks to be in his brother's shadow. yeha. I want to play hella games with helen, but it's wierd because she played so many games with Alec, and I'll feel like I'm in a competition with him to play it better. it dosent even feel like my game, it feels like his, and that sucks. that's like the most annoying thing when I play a game. games like street fighter Alpha are mine, because I'm the first one to play it, and have it, but somehitng like ff8 or 9 feels like Will's or ravi's because they played it first. It's really hard to explain, but it's a big factor in the enjoyment of a game when I play it. it's very strange.... but I"m gonna get megaman EXE and that's gonna be my baby.

Game related goals:
Games I possess and must finish
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy Tactics
Zelda64 II
Ogre Battle 64
Card FIghter
(All my NGP games [sonic, metal slug, last blade, the other one...])
Monkey Island 3
Final Fantasy 5

Games that I need to aquire and finish
Megaman EXE
the GB zelda games
Street Fighter III
GBA Super Street FighterII Turbo
Some puzzle game for Gameboy advance.
Megaman on color gameboy.

Things that I need to buy
A PS2 External mod chip so I can play Japanese DDR
A ps1 External mod chip so I can play Japanese DDR when I go back to school.
Gameboy Advance
-GBA link cable (either 4 or 2 way)
-GBA AC adaptor
-Extra Controllers
-PSX ==> DC converter (so I can uyse the namco joystick)
-memory card
-SFIII W impact
Camera AC adaptor
Video out stuff for my computer

Things that would be nice to buy
A chojimoji Synthesizer like Liam has
new stereo system for downstairs (cause my dad is too lazy to do it)
Chocobo racing
Chocobo's mysterious dungeon
Tobal no. 2 (i just like it.)
Kenshin OVA DVDs
FF4+Chrono Trigger PSX re-release
costume pieces.

I need to get my ass working on the comic.
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