June 21st, 2001

Mega Man Party!

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everyone wants to know what i want for my birthday. I dont know.
wow, neil and patrick changed their icons to NGP people like in the last two minutes.
uh. I want anime and action figures and video games. but i dont specifically
I need chun-li and sagat to complete my SF collection. and there's all sorts of other cool things.

oh, It5's now 1 in the morning, and I forgot to post this from like 5 in the afternoon

thinking. I'm tired. fart fart

I have many things I want to do:
* Write a 10 minute cloud's mystery hour movie, like the one for mother's day.
* put DIsney tapes on CDs
* put chojimoji new material on computer.
* put CMH second season videos on the computer
* I dont remember. I want to write more
* plan better camp stuff. it's not learning any more, it's just doing a play and me yelling. I think I need to structure the curriculim better.
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