June 23rd, 2001

Mega Man Party!

i just woke up.

Today is my birthday. so far all I've gotten on this day is little sleep, and a phone message from my mom telling me that if I drive the car with my expired licence, I'll be in "big poo poo trouble." I have to work today, so now I'm going to read the pippi summary, and figure out how it's gonna work. I should really do this on the clock. I'll just add it.
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this is cute:

Happy Birthday MegaMan!!

According to our records, today is your birthday... everybody here at
LiveJournal.com would like to wish you a happy birthday!

If you have any interesting birthday stories to share, do let us know!
Or better, email them to us and also update your LiveJournal with them.
:) And if you have any questions/comments about the service in general,
let us know too... we're real people, not a huge corporation, so we read
and try to reply to all email.

Anyway... the point of this email was originally just HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


I wonder
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Luffy Crack

Beats in my head

I postingh now because of the song.
Last night I played paper mario.
I beat the blooper, and I got the level three dojo card and I was only on level 5. I hadent even started chapter 2 yet. now that I know about these wacky things, I can go and beat the dojo master easily. it'll be easy!

I really want to write more and make something cool. but I'll probably just play paper mario. yar. CMH time now.
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i was gonna take this time to put the video version of CMH on computer. but the tape has mysteryious vanished. I had it at school, then I brought it home during december, but now I cant find it. I could have sworn I had soemthing written on it, but I guess I didn;t oh well.
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Luffy Crack

Party on the 4th

ah. so it seems that I might have rehersal from 12:00 to 6 on the 4th.
that means I can have a night party!!!!! yesu!!!!!!!!!!!! fun fun fun!!!!!11

ok, that's all. so fun desu. happy momoko
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I got a discman!

Actually I just scraped the corrosion of the battery contact and now it works! now I'm one step closer to a car cd player. now all I need is a cd==> tape thiongy and a car again.
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