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30 June 2001 @ 01:21 am
The earth may move, but now your dildo won't! The leg and waist straps of this state-of-the-art harness snap directly around the center ring, holding a dildo firmly against your body. Ideal for all sizes and styles of dildos, and extraordinarily comfortable to wear--no wonder it's a staff favorite! Black.
30 June 2001 @ 11:50 am
I think it's kinda scary that you can find both my livejournals and Cloud's myster hour if you search for it on Google.com
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30 June 2001 @ 03:38 pm
*Servbot and Gambit 999 hit Glitch*

Choose Gambit and someone big that the assist goes in front of Gambit.
Player 2 pick 3 Servbot with Alpha assist. Gambit call assist, Player 2 do
triple team super. Gambit do a QCF+PP super. Now Gambit keeps doing the super
until you DHC. Please note that this only works on the Dreamcast version.

*Servbot and SonSon Glitch*

Choose SonSon. Player 2 pick 3 Servbot with Alpha assist. Do a QCF+KK
super from half screen away. Player 2 do a triple team super. Now SonSons
super will do over 100+ hits and very good damage. This only works on the
Dreamcast version.
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