July 6th, 2001



I took this personality test: (Test is here!) And I got Low on every thing except Narcissistic and Histrionic.

People with histrionic personality disorder are constant attention seekers. They need to be the center of attention all the time, often interrupting others in order to dominate the conversation. They use grandiose language to discribe everyday events and seek constant praise. They may dress provacatively or exaggerate illnesses in order to gain attention. They also tend to exaggerate friendships and relationships, believing that everyone loves them. They are often manipulative.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by self-centeredness. Like histrionic disorder, people with this disorder seek attention and praise. They exaggerate their achievements, expecting others to recongize them as being superior. They tend to be choosy about picking friends, since they believe that not just anyone is worthy of being their friend. They tend to make good first impressions, yet have difficulty maintaining long-lasting relationships. They are generally uninterested in the feelings of others and may take advantage of them.
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project justice is really neat. the best part is the story. it's fun. there's also a tournament, that should be fun at parties. Superman opens tonight, I didn't go to wotk today. that was nice. but i didn't get anythiong acomplished except beating the game with the teacher's team. the Ryu teacher is really cheap, his super fireball animation freezes the other character until the fireball is actually launced, so if they're doing a move, it just nails them, cause they dont have time to finishe it as it's stareting up. I wonder if Sakura is in this game, that was kinda neat that she was in teh first one. muuuu!

I also got my paycheck. It was for $750 huzzah! that's enough to pay my credit card biull!
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