July 16th, 2001

Luffy Crack


wow. I spent $230 on stuff. I bought 5 anime DVDs *Kenshin OVA 1 and 2 and trigun 6 7 and 8.
I also bpought anpother 208 cd holder for my computer/ game cds.
i also bought 5 unravlers because they were 2 dollars each. and i bought... oh yeah, then I was gonna go to Lees to buy the SFIII sound track, and it wasnt there!!!!! I got all pissed off, and figured that I needed to buy somthinet, so i bought aska's eva, and the second akira book.

so./... one day I everyone is going to see the rest of trigun, and the kenshin OVAs without the korean subtitles under the snglish ones. I now have 6 DVDs! and 5 of them are still in their rapping. wow, randomly buying stuff like elliot is kinda fun. i'm starting to understand. I'm gonna play sfIII with hugo, then organize my New cd holder, and then write the curriculim for tomorrows class.

by the way people like RAVI should get my cell phone number, so they can always reach me when they want to kick it, cause I always have it on me, and turned on. so, if you need the number ask. huzzah!
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