August 26th, 2001



my emotional energies are flying all over the place!!!!! so frusterating!
I made a cape/thingy for myself. it's kinda like the thing that vincent from ff7 has, but if you bucle all the buckles. I'm making progross with the comics. I have like over 100 comics either scripted, or taken pictures of. sadly, none of them share both thoes qualities, so I'm trying to decipher the random progression of pictures into a story/ some sembeliane of comedy. it's hard to write by oneself. cause I dont have any "soundboards" as they're called in the biz. ravi was here last night, and i should have used him, but i was really too tired to talk or think or anything. i feel really drained, like i've forgotten how to be around people. maybe it's just cause i've talked about eveything on IM already, and there's nothing new. or something. i keep buying toys, but i dont play with them enough. I want to watch undressed for 4 hours and play with my toys again. that was really fun. I cant wait for school, cause I'm gonna set up my room in a non retarded way. it's gonna totally rock. uh i just got lost in thought. i'm about 90% satisfied with my headphones. all i need is a way to turn them off when i turn on my speakers, because i dont want to blow out the head phones when I'm not using them, cause i have to turn the Comp's volume up alot to get my speakers to a good level.
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i have made a discovery. it says the server is busy, but it really posts your entries anyways.
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