August 31st, 2001

Mega Man Party!


I just realized how luck i am to have gotten this screen name!
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I'm thinking of making myself more lj icons. or actually paying for it or something.

i really dont konw what to do for the pirates logo. I'll have to play with it more. I think my fundamental design idea is challenged. of course, it wont matter until the server is fully opperational. or at least return of the jedi deathstar operational. holy hell my ass hurts. actually it dosent, but the phraze popped into my mind. i get to watch pokemon movie 3 tomorrow!

oh i just remembereed that i need to fiddle with
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Luffy Crack

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most of the songs have been approved! come september 1 they will be free to download and buy on cd! amazing! hahahahah!
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    strangelove game addiction