September 8th, 2001

MM2 ending

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The second choji moji cd is online. "we met levar burton" Click here to see the cover and songs now I just need to make the inside for the "Bring back burton" cd, and i'll be finished. except for all teh pictures i need to add to the songs and stuff.

I decided to check the chojimoji and urbanpirates accounts at hotmail, and it says that they were shutdown because of inactivity for 45 days. then i decided to see if adrian's hotmail account had suffered teh same fate, except it wasn't. This makes me think that someone other than me has access his e-mail in the last 45 days. Patrick's stupid phone is busy, i think he's talking to lauren! damn her and her phone using skills!
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Luffy Crack


there are 87 choji moji songs. that's insane. they dont even fit on 3 cds.

actaully there are like 95 songs, including all the ones that woulndt let us post, and even more counting the ones we threw out. crazy!
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