September 11th, 2001


holy Fuck! Terrorist.

Wow. I woke up at 7AM this mornigh because I have to take a valium in 5 minutes to go to my wizdom teeth extraction in an hour. and what do i see on the TV? one of the towers in the world trade center crumbling. I disaprove of these Terroris! die Enimies of the USA!
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all the phones in new york are tied up. and My wizdom teeth are out of my mouth. I just slept through it. mostly
i woke up alittle at the end.

i have blood on my tought
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everyone wants to know if helen is ok. I'd imagine she is, because i dont think she had any reason to be near thoes places. but I'm not sure because all the phone lines are tied up, an i cant contact her.
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