September 24th, 2001


Justice high!

blah blah blah. poo poo. I need to get a job or some such thing. the chair i'm in smells crazy. i set yup the shelves in my room, and they are mad dope! I"m gonna play rival schools, because it'a in the syustem. man, switching systems and movint things around is so annoying. bleah! poak
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    rival schools intro
Dan photo

first rain for me

Yeah! I ran naked for first rain! it was awesome! I had hurt my foot earlier, and thought i was just gonna hobble tyhrough it, but In the end, I managed, and didn't hurt myself (noticably)

I also arranged all my action figures quite prominently in my room. I'm giving it about 3 days before they all falls over. ( especially since the phone is right next to them. in the far corner, in a very stupid place. i think it needxs tro be moved. also, i have a new phone number. i should memorize it. that would rock. yeah! where is helen? i havent heard from her. I think I'll call her, and wake her up. that would be exciting!
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    Nic trying to mix somthing