September 26th, 2001




that's how i write my name in the japanese word processing program that i have. (yeah, even teh capslock) I wish i could play pokemon some more. (actually i dont) but i will probably take a shower. i wish i could be as cool as thoes girls who were showering together and laughing. they seemed to be enjoying them selves. i need to study more japanese.

I wish there were more fun moods that didn't start with an A.
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ah man. I just found a picture of first rain from the back that's just me. (from the back) it's like the best lit picture too. oh well, There are also pictures of ash's butt, and momoko's boob. my butt looks fat.
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fan stuff!1

CMH fan letter:
love the comic, especially the bonus sized episode... I'm kinda
supprised at no "Hell Comes to Frog Town" reference about the snakes,
other then that keep up the GREAT work.

um, yes... That reference was compleatly planned... really
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