October 6th, 2001

MM2 ending

really big pins!

what's happening/ i dint khoow, but I'm havung fun! yeah, and noat liksddd ssddd

ok, i'm too tired and fucked up to write this. but It;s a fun night, and I really feel happy and at peace. yeah, not cause of the drugs, but because of life and people, and everythign.

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Joel manji?

nick moved the room when i was gone. he manadged to set it up almost exactly like joel did, but worse. I think it's gonna be refined.
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    The Pillows - Paper Triangle

Dave from alvin and the chipmunks is gay. but in a not really stereotype way.

i'm all tired.

100% things to do:
read study abroad info, and actually make a timeline.
read education book. study japanese.
that's not so bad. hrm. i need to do today's cloud's mystery hour.
I want to beat megaman X5. and FF9. bleah. and stuff. I should start writting the cloud's mystery hour movie/ music video. that will be fun.
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Luffy Crack


survival of the frutiest! the survivor spoof for the fruity pebbles comercial. I like how in the comercial, barney allways gets the pebbles, cause in the show fred always was a jerk to him
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