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08 October 2001 @ 02:26 am
Location: Mexico
Place: Drueca Ruins
Time: 12:04 P.M.

Win Quotes:
How can you refuse to bow to a superior being?
How dost thou suck? Let me count thy wounds! 1,2,3...
Look! Your cells have betrayed you to serve me!
Pounding on you is satisfying, but I need something more...
Your inferior vital fluids are tainting the ground! Clean it up!
Lie there as long as you want. I've had my fun with you.
That's right... kneel before me! How do you like the view now?!
You are not even worthy enough to do my bidding! Be gone!
08 October 2001 @ 02:49 am
Current Mood: huzzah!
08 October 2001 @ 07:52 pm
the cd someone made for nick's japanese class has teh kenshin opening theme on it after the class stuff
08 October 2001 @ 09:31 pm
Mr. T vs Cloud's Mystery HOUr?

it would only cost $8 to have one of the greatest action figures of all times!
Current Mood: excited!
Current Music: Rilo Kiley - plane crash in c