November 1st, 2001

Luffy Crack

bad momoko

so, i had a 9am meeting in an inconvieniont spott on the other side of campus. so what do i do? i wander in to my room at 8:15 AM (45 minutes before 9am) with someone's bodily fluids caking the hair on my leg, and sleep until 3:00.

and i'm still sick. and have stuff to do.

and i dont know how i'll get to PA, cause nick said i would get a ride, but then he did stuff that wasn't very well planned.

and i'm coughing up a lounge.

it's silly that these are the biggest concerns for my life.
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WIngspread Yearbook idea!!!!

i feel good now. cause i realized that my hard work two days ago mae it so i dont have to do much to get my schedual figured out.

i need to sleep earlier.

I think there should be a page that is like the "remember when" page. and it's like "remember when blah blah happened in teddy and alice" or something, that talks about stuff in previous years. oh, it could be like, "what do you remember from your first year of wingspread, or something, and it would have interesting stories from people who did wingspread for a few years. cheech and chong!

(p.s. my mood and the song have no corelation)
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