November 8th, 2001

Mega Man Party!

webcam! click on the link!

i declared my major today. nate worked on which makes me very happy.

once that is all up, I can make new comics regually. i'm allso almost done with my Japan EAP application. all i need is to get the second recomendation back. this quarter is all ghetto. not getting all the classes i wanted really messed up my schedual, and gave me all this wasted time. of course, lately i've been reading kureyonshinchan, and it's really funny, and gives me good reading practice. huzzah!

nick is tryign to write his essay, but the room is too much fun. i totally feel his pain. i remember last year when people just wouldnt leave. i will do more nihong work, and then go to szleep until 10, whern i start my essay.
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    my icons make now sense to anyone, dont they...?


how do necro's pants and boots streach when he kicks? that's what i want to know.

actually, what i want to know is, how to finish my essay and make it not suck.
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Mega Man Party!

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キ The importance of being earnest! Rolento! Guy cofy! Charlie's hair is all weird in this poster. I am typing wiout look ing at the screen. I JUST CLOSE MY EYES. I fant think about it, cause then I cant type at all. It's all muyscle memory. Just like playting video games. It's like ai I'm in a trace, and I'm just doing the things that my body says I should do with out knowing what is happening.

garret post.
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    these icons arent interesting enough
Luffy Crack

something stupid.

It's amazing! I fant think the second recomendation back. Guy cofy! All. Internet explorer after getting all the appointment, because the animation room is all the second recomendation back.

megaman's dreams!

It's all the camera, into my camera, into my hard essay, and it's like playting video games. I do with the second recomendation back. That's what playting video games: sense. I can now finally came! The second recomendation back.
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MM2 ending

poems i like

crazy stupid poems:
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    This is that you really messed up my body says i think the antibiotics i kinda stopped in office apps! This means is all up my chair! Wow. I the remember do with my camera finally came! Some of the appointment, because the wall, screen.

THe tick

the trick was disapointing.
the whole time all i could think was, "why did they cancel the cartoon?" they should just do a new season of the cartoon and make it all adult swimy. or else go all the way with naked gun style energy.

live action stuff like this NEVER WORKS!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER!!!
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