November 19th, 2001


sad, disalusioned Momoko

I am MegaTokyo's Largo!

Run before I eat you!
I too will eat you!</a>
Together we will conqure the world!

I think i was less disillusioned when i saw the pinky and the brain voice actors, cause they looked like pinkey and the brain, and they were really cool and funny.
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Luffy Crack

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ast night I dreamt that I got to eat sweet succulent pussy. and it made me really happy, and it sucked when i woke up, and found myself alone in my own bed, with nothing to rest my mouth on. oh well. only one more month.
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Mega Man Party!

NOw AOL compataible! yes!

yes! now after so many long years the airport is compatible with AOL, only the biggest isp thing for people who dont use comptuers, which are also currently associated with macs. yes! go business go!