December 10th, 2001

Mega Man Party!

stuff i posted in b&G message board and wanted to archinve

rick's formula of short story arcs and single non-sequential jokes allows him the freedom to try experimental things, as well as pick up and/or drop a character or a gag whenever something funnier comes along. This makes the comic refreshing, and saves him from the problem that plagues things such as south park, and even bob and George: that where the original draw of zany spontaneity and irreverent juxtapositions slowly grows into a plot oriented direction. The problem is that by developing a plot the authors are limited in what they can do.

so in brief: Rick's are good 'cause they don't have a plot to constrict his creativity, and they keep the randomness at a constant fast-paced level. I mean, the Spock heads at the arcade... that was hilarious. good job rick!

wow, a difficult megamanX game? this should be fun. hopefully it's more difficult than beating X4 with Zero, cause that's probably the hardest the series has been. maybe with this one, I'll have to play it for more than 7 hours to get everything.

with regards to the whole sub vs dub, It's interesting to see the range to which the Megaman games have addressed that issue. I think it's really a lose-lose situation unless they stick with straight text, mainly because there are always people out there who like the subs because to them the Japanese is exotic, and because they also cant tell the difference between good Japanese voice acting, and bad Japanese voice acting, so their imagination closes the gap of cognitive dissonance and lets them imagine the subtitles are merely simple allusions to the elegant and complex prose that is the actual Japanese dialogue.
Then there are those who either a) know enough Japanese to know that the Japanese dialogue is actually as lame as the subtitles/ have no veil of mystique obscuring the boring, formulaic voice acting techniques from them; and thus prefer the dub. B) don't care, and don't want to have to read either. (which is actually a much larger percentage of the domestic American market share than subtitle elitists.) c) Wish that they would make a ps2 sequel to the tronn bonne game.
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