December 20th, 2001


Things that I hate.

I hate girls. They ruin everything. I think they should all die. I hate girls because they are stupid selfish jerks who are selfish and I hate them. I hate them oh so much. FUCK YOU GOD DAMN GIRLS. YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!
and so can that stupid lord of the rings movie. I hope everything dies in tyhe gutter from AIDS, or other STDs that all girls already undoubtedly have.
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how to play mp3s and stuff through AIM to another person

go start==>settings==>controll pannels
now go to multimedia
and double click on the picture of the microphone
once you open the record controll windwo
go to options menu
and select properties
and then there should be some check boxes
and if you check more of them
then ones like "what uyou hear" and "wav out" will let you record what is comming out of your computer

now do the IM talk thing, and play your mp3 with winamp or something, and it should work. all yoo're doing is changing the imput from the mic to the Wav out.
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