January 3rd, 2002

Mega Man Party!

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huzzah! nick gave me book 4, so now I have 1-5! only one more to go and i will have the complete akira collection. the only problem is that likeDVDs, i rarely have a desire to read/watch anythong more than once, but it's cool none the less.
Mega Man Party!

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time for the first shower of the new year!
man, i'm realizing how restricted i am at school. all i do is post and crap, hgow lame.
Mega Man Party!

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i am in my ed class. it is more full than thh one in fall quarter. ooooh!
how exciting can this be?
there peoplh enrolled that are not here....

I'm in the library! which library? i dont think you will ever know!

Yes. I am using my Visor with the keyboard. now the boredom and time wastingness of my college career can easily be compounded as i wait for something or someone to alieve my misery and uninspired bordom.
so, I went to my japanese calss today. it was neat. there are only 11 people in it, which is like half of last quarter, and all thoes annoying native speakers arent in the class to make everyone look bad. well, there is one, but he speaks japanese about as well as marcos ballzeretti speaks spanish. which is enough to sound good, and fluent, but without much complexity or substance. So, I'm the the cowell library, and i found this little work spot at the end of the nnvnjslkjvnjsdlkfvjnjknv
that was me listeing to how lound this keyboard is.
at the end of the roaw, and there is a window there too. and theres all this graffitti. it's not as interesting as the stall i found with all the "come here at 4 pm on the 24th for hot white dong." but it's still interesting. la la. I need to write soemthing. maybe i should study japanese. i need to do well in that class. maybe i should buy the book. I need to pluck my unibrow. did you know that tweasers are like $5? actually i think they are more. and i'm talking about the longs brand tweasers. it's crazy. this looks long on my screen, but i know it's not too long because there are not so many charactrs on the line. I want to write a poem about korea.

i want to write a song. but my muse is special and drunk off her ass instead of giving my blow jobs or what ever muses do that inspires writers. yeah... it's like that time i had to take this really boring tedius test for a pysch student and i realized that i was gonna be locked in the the room by myself for the next hour, just clicking on lame stuff on the computer. i dont think i'll finish that story. There are alot of anti heterosexual sentaments on this wall. it's kinda funny. "FUCK BREEDERS!" yeah, that's a new one.

um, i must write about soemthing. this corner is all woodsey. i look out the old woodlike window, and see some trees. it's like i'm in the ranger station at yosemitie. man, that place is boring to think about. just being out with all the trees and stuff. man... so boring. I want to be imortal. Personally I dont think I would get bored of it, because then i could pace myself differently, and wouldnt have to spend as much time working. then i could become famous and then build a giant floating spaceship and have my own country over the pacific ocean. that's what i wrote.

appearently "sergey+ross=debauchery"
wow, i'm discovering mmore and more layers of "I am a dyke" type graffiti. and i cant even describe the diagrams. I mean there is stuff that's in all sorts of different pen and all color coordinated, with white out to make the white part.
"did you hear about the little dutch boy who went to the femmenists convention to put his finger in a dyke?" hohohoho such cleverness. but what the hell is "noynqanova" and why is it written so big? these are the questions i'm dying to have answered.

I've resolved to meet more people. because everyones like "hey, i have a brilliant idea! I'll move off campus with my boyfriend!" uh. I havent written anything. I dont know what time it is. maybe i'll play gameboy. i kinda want to make more comics.
helen is comming tomorrow. i want her to come today. I miss her alot, not because we broke up, but because i like her as a person. i mean, i liked her before we went out, and her time at school has only made her more exciting.
I need to find a website(s) that i can set to upload on my visor so i can read them when i have time. buh, want to write a story, or soemthing. anything!!!
OMG i just had an idea. I can design the new parts of the cmh website. i need to organize my homework. i want nick to buy the networking book, cause i have lots of other books that i need to buy. why cant i buy sex? i bet i could if i knew where to look. wow i can type faster than the theing can display it!? that's a crazy mofo!

ok, it's posting time! but you wont see this until like 3 or 4 when i get back to my room and actually sync it. it's like 1 now. i'm guessing. bleah. time for stuff.

can someone get me a html authoring program? so i dont have to do everyothing by hand? fart on you pussies!
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