January 9th, 2002

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yes! ijuet beat ssf2tr with ken!
that was an hour well sphnt!
i'm thinking of working on my pokemon hame, or a least my MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK game.
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Mega Man Party!

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uh. I forgot what i was going to write.

I like kittens. I'm hungry. but I'm in the library, and I'm getting homework done. yesu desu! I met the aisan girls from oaks last night, we had fun talking. It was better than I expected it to be. but now i'm in the library. I'm in a less homosexualy graffittied little both this time, so i'm guessing that was an anomoly. I want to buy a ps2, but I need to conserve my money. I mean, I just bought that $150 program. I have a feeling people are gonna be like "oh! give me a copy! because I'm to lame to spend my own money, so I'll just mooch off of you when you spend money that you actually saved up for. and held off from buying things that you wanted to so you could buy this. lala I'm lame!" yes. Irish song. That's why I try not to ask people for software if they're purchased it, cause that's shady. especially if I'm not willing to offer something of greater value in exchange. ah yes... this post was supposed to be a test of the time stamp feature in the time place in this form. but the time thing is multiple fields, so it dosent work. i will now insert it here:
2:37 pm
wow. good for me. desu! fart fart!
I need sex, or at least more old school spankage!
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