January 14th, 2002



i think I need a new major.
I really hate this stats class.
hrm... someown made vega stand up. that was nice of them.
did i mention i really hate this stats class, and the other psych classes i've had have been not too fun. the only classes I really enjoy are my education classes, and the internet class. I also like my japanese classes, but they are always hard, and I dont like being called on, and not knowing the answer. but, all the majors require work. I hate this stats class. maybe I'll just do the homework and have it be crappy, and ruin my life, but I like other stuff. i should go to momoko's j history class. and I should write or something. and not do this. buh! i hate this class, I'm just gonna say screw you stats! and read my education books and my japanese books.
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MM2 ending


It seems some malicious person decided to hack into the server at my house, and managed to delete many of my precious/irreplacable files. I obviously earned some bad karma to deserve this. Hopefully I will be re-assured by my studies.
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Cloud arise!

I just made 6 pages of scripts (about 25) comics for the next bout of SMH. I'm excited.
listening to FF* sound track really helps me get into the right mood.
I still cant believe they never made a cait sith action figure. He's by far one of the most interesting FF characters.
I wish I could go back in time and buy all the characters. man.
I think everyone will like where the story is going. Hopefully it will be as cool as it was in my head. and hopefulyl I can actaully make it work.
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