January 16th, 2002

MM2 ending

My perfect witch, reflected in the less than perfect moonlight...

I had this wonderful dream last night that I was Harry Potter and I was Courting Hermionie, and it was really great. It was happy Middle school/first love kind of thing. It was really great. I liked how It was like all little kids, but I still knew how to make being with a girl (dating, not anything else) not compleatly suck. (and hohoho anyone who could object never reads this.) but yeah. I woke up, and the euphoria stuck with me, but I was happy that I couldnt go back to it ever. man, I wish I could have some sort of perfect romance full of novelty and excitment. and romance. I mean, right now I'm just so placiated that I have only abstract motivation to do anything. I need a healthy crush to motivate me. even a crush that's not immeadly attainable, like that's in my zone of proximal development. I cant take good pictures of my CMH cup cause of the reflection, and the kind of lighting i use. I'll have to wait until it's light out. but oh, to feel that Hogwarts bliss again. I really need a romantic relationship that is both not long distance, and dosent involve anyone dying. I have high hopes for my Ed80 section tomorrow. I feel like people are staring at me alot. I think It's cause I'm so attractive, but it might be beacause they can feel my overwhelming presence, and are in awe. I want to make flyers to trick people into going to urbanpirates.net Like the way i tricked chataqua people into going last year. that rocked.
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